Sony Xperia Z, Z1 Android 4.3 problems mounting


We are seeing a growing trend for certain mobile hardware experiencing issues with the software that is running on them, and it seems as if the Sony Xperia Z and Z1 Android 4.3 update problems are mounting.

Sony has been busy updating a number of its handsets to the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean operating system, but it seems that owners of the Sony Xperia Z and even the Xperia Z1 have been met with a number of issues.

One thing that has been affecting the handsets for some users is it overheating according to AndroidSaS, but there is a growing thread over on the Sony Support pages that have a number of problems being reported.

These include poor Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections as well as poor images taken with the camera that only got worse since the Android 4.3 update.

Have you had any problems since the update?


12 thoughts on “Sony Xperia Z, Z1 Android 4.3 problems mounting”

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      Praveen Jaladanki says:

      chrome problem was only with the chrome and i guess it stopped by yesterday mostly…the problem was seen only two days back.!

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        Eva says:

        I have a problem with hotspot so I can’t use the Internet 🙁 Sonyteam iisn’t helpful for me andwhen iI sent my phone to Sony centre repair I got back my phone with the same proble. Sony ddidn’t repair it! But made notes: it’s has been repaired! I still can’t use hotspot 🙁 I’m speech less…

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    Amanda says:

    Yes, i have many problems after this update. when they are going to fix it?
    i am very disappointed. I can’t see my old photos and the camera is sooo bad!
    please inform us if Sony will send a new firmware for Update 4.3.

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    sfaisal says:

    no…my xperia z works perfectly…before n after 4.3 updates…in fact,i dont really see any different between 4.2 n 4.3…it works smoothly…

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    Chemjong Deben says:

    I am really having problem after update of 4.3. My phone is not functioning like previous and heats so badly. Sony should consider on this kind of several issues

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    Andrew Ward says:

    Since the update last week on my Sony Xperia SP the handset has become virtually unusable!!. When I get calls the screen remains black and I can’t accept them. When the screen switches off when it times out I am often unable to activate it again by pressing the power button. It is now very slow to open apps and frequently won’t complete video playback on Facebook, it will just close the video windows!. Battery life is seriously down on pre update stamina and I sometimes just get a glowing screen after trying to “wake up” the phone. Can I revert it back to the previous version?

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    John Ford Steward says:

    My Z was absolutely fantastic, but since updates bluetooth is useless connecting to a wifi source is very poor, the camera really never lived upto my expectations anyway (especially on a moving subject)so cant say I’ve really noticed a difference there, also developed a nasty little habit of hanging up on the caller and dialling someone else when phone is next to my ear, would love for it to go back to original settings. always been a believer in the sony brand but having serious doubts now

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    John Ford Steward says:

    just an update, Now had the misfortune of the usb charger breaking,(I thought it could have become weak due to the overheating issues) I have sent for repair as under 2 year warranty but judging by what I have seen written in a 15 page subject i have little to no chance of getting the phone either repaired or replaced 🙁

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