HTC One M8 gets the drop test treatment


Quite often there will be times when owners have the misfortune of dropping their treasured mobile device to the floor, which sometimes may cause un-repairable damage. Now we have a video for you that sees the HTC One M8 getting the drop test treatment.

We will often see just released smartphones being put through their paces being dropped to the floor in drop tests, which can sometimes lead to painful viewing and today it’s the turn of the HTC One M8. The video is just over 3.5 minutes long and starts by saying the handsets finish makes it a little bit more slippery in the hand.

There is the usual drop tests that see the device landing on its back before being dropped onto one of its sides, and finally we have the dreaded screen drop. The first test with the handset landing on its back does provide quite a few deep scratches but the screen is fine.

We won’t spoil the rest of the video for you but it may lead you to purchase one of the cool looking cases we spoke about earlier today.

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