Moto 360 2nd gen India launch on December 1st

Moto 360 2nd gen India launch

Fans of wearable technology devices will know that the Moto 360 (2015) was unveiled at IFA Berlin back in September. Buyers in India who have been waiting to get hold of it will be pleased to know that the Moto 360 2nd gen India launch is now expected for December 1st. There’s only a week […]

Titan Smartwatch in the works from Titan and HP

titan watch logo

HP isn’t a name most folks associate with smartwatches, but that is changing thanks to devices like the Movado BOLD Motion. The company has just announced a second partnership with another watchmaker in Titan, and while we don’t have a name for the smartwatch, it is said to be coming soon.

Samsung Gear S2 update adds new features

Samsung Gear S2 update

If you have already purchased the Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch this next item of news is for you. A new firmware update has arrived for the device starting in South Korea, and it’s likely to also roll out for the watch in further markets. This Samsung Gear S2 update adds new features, and is likely […]

Consumer version of the Samsung Gear VR hits retailers for $99

samsung gear vr

A few months back we learned the consumer version of the Samsung Gear VR would be ready to roll this month. Today was the day, and if you rock a Samsung device from a select group, you can now pick up the Gear VR for only $99.

LG cancels all sales of the LG Watch Urbane 2 LTE edition due to Hardware Issues

LG Watch Urbane 2 release

It was less than a week ago that we told you about the LG Watch Urbane 2 LTE edition release date. It looks like the wearable isn’t quite ready for primetime as LG has just stopped sales on the new smartwatch.

Huawei Black Friday deals will include the Huawei Watch

Huawei Watch

The Huawei Watch is one of the slicker smartwatches available to purchase, but it’s also one of the most expensive alongside the Apple Watch. Well, that price is set to come down soon as the Huawei Black Friday sale will put their new wearable on discount.

The Klikr replaces Universal Remotes with your Smartphone

Klikr Kickstarter

Universal remotes were a pretty big deal when they first broke onto the scene as we’ve all lost our share of remote controls. Smartphones can control a number of gadgets, but as good as the tech is, the options are still limited. If you’d like to be able to use your smartphone as a hub for your remote control gadgets, there’s a gadget on Kickstarter you’ll want to check out called Klikr.

Turn your TV into a Chromebox with the $85 Chromebit

asus chromebit

The prices on computers have drastically changed over the years, and you can now buy a PC in many crazy shapes and sizes. The Chromebit certainly falls into the oddly shaped category, and it’s just been released at the low price of only $85.

BOLD Motion Smartwatch from Movado and HP has a high price

BOLD Motion smartwatch by HP and Movado

We would never have thought just a few short years ago that the wearable technology market would be expanding in the way that it is. Whereas a new smartwatch was once a notable event, we’re now seeing plenty more of these devices introduced. Now we have news of the BOLD Motion smartwatch from Movado and […]

The ChefCharger Coaster saves tables and charges your phone

ChefCharger Coaster

If you have been around long enough, you have probably left a drink ring on a table or two. A coaster will easily take care of the issue, but they are oh so easy to forget. The ChefCharger coaster may soon change that as it’s a coaster that can save your table while charging up your favorite mobile device.