Does the colour of a mobile phone sway your decision?


This day and age the mobile phone can come in a variety of colours; you can even get them blinged in gold, platinum, diamonds and Swarovski crystals rather than the everyday drab blacks, greys and silvers. One of the trends of mobile phone suppliers of today is to give a tired old handset a cosmetic […]

Who will dominate 2009: Apple, RIM, Nokia, HTC or other?


I know everyone probably has their favourite mobile phone supplier, whether it be Apple, Samsung, Nokia, HTC, Sony Ericsson, Research In Motion BlackBerry, Motorola, and the like. And I believe that this year Apple has dominated the mobile phone world with their Apple iPhone 3G, yes I know some of you won’t agree, but it […]

THQ Wireless release Star Wars: The Clone Wars for mobile phones


THQ Wireless has announced the availability of Star Wars: The Clone Wars for global download on java enabled mobile phones. In Star Wars: The Clone Wars the mobile gamer is a clone trooper who leads their squad through fifteen action packed mission covering 3 different planets in a bit to locate those responsible for ambushing […]

Mobile phone salivary cancer 50 percent more likely in heavy users


Here’s some more news on the Mobile phone health scare front, according to a survey conducted by researchers at Tel Aviv University, heavy users of mobile phones are 50% more likely to suffer from cancer of the salivary glands. 500 Israelis who suffer from tumours of the salivary gland where studied by researchers and their […]

LG, Nokia, Motorola and Samsung: New payment phones with NFC

LG, Nokia, Motorola and Sumsung: New payment phones with NFC

If you own a Nokia, LG, Sumsung, Sagem or Motorola you will soon be able to use your mobile to pay for goods, using the Near-field Communication (NFC) technology which is being built into all the above manufacturers handsets, and are expected to be available from the middle of next year. Is is likely that […]

Mobile phone use makes your dental fillings drop out?


Here’s the latest mobile phone health scare, apparently now according to the latest study mobile phone use can cause the mercury filling in your teeth to drop out. This new survey was conducted by the Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, and apparently what this study has found is that the metal mercury fillings in a […]

The “8” concept twin touch-screen: But is it needed?


The concept phone, there are many, some weird and some wonderful but most not quite plausible and thus never make the light of day. One would presume a concept phone would have to attract demand to make it in the mobile phone world, and many don’t. Here we have the 8 a hand held communications […]

Mobile phone SMS gains Australian students free condoms


Australian student? Got a mobile phone? Want free condoms? Seems Australia is putting mobile technology to good use by running a campaign whereby students in Australia can gain free condoms simply by sending an SMS. Healthcare group Marie Stopes International has launched the “TXT 4 Free Condomz” campaign with a view to help youngsters acquire […]

Mobile phone battery life extended by 90%?


The word is some South Korean researchers have managed to develop a technology which makes Lithium batteries up to ninety percent more energy efficient than the batteries we use now. Chemistry professor at Hanyang University, Cho Jae-phil, and leader of the research team claims that battery live of mobile phones and laptop computers can be […]

AT&T Quickfire now on sale

AT&T Quickfire now on sale

Can you believe it the AT&T Quickfire is already on sale at a secret AT&T wireless store, we can’t disclose where but we have the photo’s to prove it. However as of yet there has been no official release date of the Quickfire but as the store received the device they started to sell them. […]