Mobile phone salivary cancer 50 percent more likely in heavy users

Here’s some more news on the Mobile phone health scare front, according to a survey conducted by researchers at Tel Aviv University, heavy users of mobile phones are 50% more likely to suffer from cancer of the salivary glands.

500 Israelis who suffer from tumours of the salivary gland where studied by researchers and their mobile phone usage was then compared to 1300 Israelis who did not have the tumours and concluded that those who use a mobile phone for several hours per day against the same side of the head, had a 50% higher tumour risk.

Researchers also notes that rural residents with heavy mobile use have a higher risk of tumours than urban users, and speculated that this could be due to a higher radiation dosage needed for mobile handsets to function in areas with fewer towers.

Source — naturalnews

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