O2 XDA Exec Mobile

The XDA Exec is massive in the features department with technology at your finger tips and my word what a lot of Tech. It has the design of a handheld and notebook style which looks great; it has a 2 tone colour which looks superb and stylish. The lid on this phone lifts up to reveal the screen and small keyboard plus the lid has a swivel action as well which rotates 180 degrees. It has a feature on that allows portrait and landscape format. Buttons on the XDA Exec are splatter everywhere and looks awesome; the buttons include a volume control, a button for voice dialling, one to access the camera plus a button to turn the backlight on. This mobile has video and voice calling, wireless connectivity, Bluetooth, 3G support and tri band GPRS, GSM. Also allows VoIP if you got the right software to run it.
This model phone also runs Microsoft’s Windows Mobile 5.0 which allows the running of Excel, Word and Power Point. The screen is enormous of 3.6 inches and has the full VGA feature.

– Camera at 1.3 mega pixel
– Video
– Downloads that are very fast
– MP3 player
– Video calling
– Java games
– WAP, HTML browser, GPRS, PC SYNC and instant messenger
– Tri band
– Internal aerial

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