RTX Dual VoIP Phones

RTX Dual VoIP Telephones
The RTX Dual Phones are cordless VoIP telephones that are a connected to your pc with a usb port to allow for free chat online via Skype as long as your other mates have Skype installed on there computers as well.
The other great feature about the rtx is if the person you are trying to contact has not got there pc switched on then all you have to do is press the other green button on the phone and you can call them going through your normal land line, now how cool is that ah.

Features Include
– Two in one phone – standard landline and the other Skype VoIP
– Indoor reception range of up to 50 metres and an outdoors range of up to 300 metres.
– There are 5 ring tones
– You are able to forward calls as well as call waiting
– There are 30 redial and call log entries
– The display is backlit and has 2 lines of 16 characters each
– Comes with caller ID
– There is a talk time of up to 6½ hours and 100 hours standby
– 160 entries in the phone book
– different rings for internet calling or land line calling
– Up to 4 handsets may be connected
– Headphone Socket


One thought on “RTX Dual VoIP Phones”

  1. Daniel says:

    This phone is the one that I should have brought, but the idea of running a long phone cable to my computer room put me off.
    Then saying that, the little bit of work involed would have ment only one phone for landline calls and voip calls which would have been much better.

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