LG F2250 Mobile

COMING SOON for 2006 — The clam shell design is very nice looking plus this is an easy to use phone and very practical for the everyday use and the best thing this is going to be value for money they say. This mobile has 5 hours of talk time which is fantastic plus it has 12 days of standby time. The display screen is of TFT 128 x 160 pixels with 65.000 colours, so you have a nice clear screen. Orange seem to be the ones that are going to market this phone but you know the industry things always change but I will keep you informed. The LG F2250 has an internal aerial and the size of this mobile phone is 87x46x23mm and weighs only 90 grams. Colours will come in silver and black.

LG F2250 Features/Specs
– Auto Dial, Vibration and Hands free Loud Speaker
– Ring tones are only Polyphonic
– Supports Java Games
– To-Do, Organizer, Calculator, Alarm, Calendar and a Currency Converter
– GSM Network
– PTT Data
– SMS and MMS Messaging
– Email and WAP Internet
– Disadvantages — No Bluetooth or Infrared.


4 thoughts on “LG F2250 Mobile”

  1. NickS says:

    Easy to use and appears to be quite sturdy…..only annoying thing is that nowhere seems to have produced a carry skin case or any case that is dedicated to this model. Anybody know of one or can recommend any case to fit this clam shell?

  2. Pat B says:

    Hi I have one of these phones. Works great and the only thing I’m having trouble with is trying to change the ringtone. Has anyone else had this problem? I’ve tried everything I can think of but it refuses to change from an awful jangly bell sound. Any tips would be welcome.

  3. Steve says:

    I have one of these phones. My problem is, how do you switch off the vibrate function when the phone is switched on and off? It is really annoying!

  4. Loopie says:

    good points are: the well constructed feel to the phone, the materials and colours give it a solid feel. The screens are not the best but for the price you cannot complain. It is easy to navigate and alter the settings. The battery life is excellent. Super loud ring tone. The £30 price tag makes it a great second/basic phone.

    bad points are: Poor aerial strength, keep loosing connection whilst driving (I live in a major city). If a mobile cannot function whilst being mobile it kind of beats the point!

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