Motorola C115 Mobile

The Motorola C115 is a very lightweight phone, and has a good battery life; the talk time of 8.3 hours and the standby time of up to 400 hours are just outstanding. These mobiles are quite cheap as well. I would say the only downfall about these phones is that the screen is on the small side and is only monochrome LCD. This phone ways an amazing light 83 grams and is only 98x45x21mm. The resolution of the screen is 96×64 pixels and is of graphic type. The Motorola C115 has a built in ring tone editor which is cool, and the games on here are small bee, spring ball and chess.

– Calculator, Calendar, Currency Converter, Clock and Alarm
– GSM Dual Band Network
– SMS Messaging
– This phone is a pretty basic phone but does its job and calls people.

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