Motorola Or Nokia What’s Your Favourite?

We all know Motorola and Nokia are two of the biggest brand names in the world of mobile phones, personally I prefer Nokia, I think their phones are easy to use and are very stylish or probably the real fact in the matter is I have always owned a Nokia and im just to scared of change. I would love to know your views on this – So What Is Your Favourite Mobile Phone? 1) Nokia or 2) Motorola.
Maybe your prefer another brand let me know lets get this going in our debate.


One thought on “Motorola Or Nokia What’s Your Favourite?”

  1. simon says:

    For me it has to be Motorola they just look more sexy and stylish, dont get me wrong Nokia are proberly the best selling phone around and are easy to use but they just dont have the sleek style that the Motorola has. Millions of us beg to difer and do like this debate we should see who are the kings in the mobile phone industry. Place your bets nowwwwww.

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