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The all new Toshiba W41T Mobile Phone is at the leading edge of technology, the AU phone operator from Japan presents this fantastic phone, this mobile has MOD which stands for Music On Demand which can be connected to your computer to transfer music straight to the phone using software called AU music port. The W41T has ready for it are you sitting down, 4GB of memory yes that’s right I said 4GB now that’s class, it has a 3.23 megapixel camera with a 2.4 inch screen, features include Bluetooth, GPS and speakers that push out in stereo. I will keep you on more information when I know. Let technology take you by storm.


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  1. Hi, I actually own this cell phone in the West (the phone was bought by my fiancee in Japan). I can tell you from first hand that this cell phone is great. Here are some of the things that I come with it.

    – There is a video recorder (up to 2 hours of footage can be recorded)
    – 3.2 Pixel camera is VERY sharp and VERY clear. You can store up to 5,000 pictures. Some of the camera features are nice. You can take night pictures (that look really sharp) or take 4 consecutive pictures at once. You can add small icons or images to the overall photo.
    – There is a FM radio software. HOWEVER you cannot use this software outside of Japan.
    – There is a dictionary (Japanese – English)
    – There is a built-in program that is similiar to MSN Messenger. Unfortunetly, the software can only work in Japan and with someone that has the same phone.
    – There is a calculator and it has some special features, such as being able to use it at a restaurant and it will tell you how much a person should pay.
    – Music… I find this to be a bad problem. You can store up to 2,000 songs. Problem is that you cannot use MP3, MP4, WMA, WAV. You can only use the file that are meant to be used (KMF, KDR). You CANNOT store your own songs in there. The only way to store music on the cell phone is either;
    – Using the software where you can buy and download music
    – Burning a CD directly to the cell phone.
    There is no drag-drop feature. If you want to use your MP3s, you can either find an MP3 > KMF converter or burn your MP3s into a music CD and then rip the music into the cell phone.

    – Bluetooth software is enable in there as well.

    The problem, you cannot use this cell phone in Canada (nor the USA). Also, the phone is not bilingual. Therefore, you cannot change the language settings. If you cannot read Japanese, then don’t get this phone.

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