Sony Ericsson W550i Silver Mobile

New — The Sony Ericsson W550i is a very stylish and fashionable phone, this is also a walkman as well, and so if you’re on a flight you can switch the phone of but still have the music player cool hey. This model is a swivel phone so no flips or slides just pure quality swivel action, the good thing about the swivel action is that you can use the phone either opened or closed now that’s cool. This has hi-tech 3D gaming which is awesome which gives you the best in the gaming format due to the buttons on the phone to make gaming easier. Now lets talk about the music this is where this phone beats the rest, the digital music player within this Sony Ericsson mobile phone has a FM radio and Disc2phone software which makes life so easy to copy your best CD’s to your phone, it has a 256MB of built in memory for about 120 tracks. The sound quality is good as well, this phone also has and not the best in the world a 1.3 megapixel camera. All in this entire phone is very good and well worth owning.

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