Motorola Salmon Pink SLVR L6 Mobile

This is a cool looking mobile phone if you love the colour pink, lets start of by telling you that this phone is being offered with a T-Mobile £5 a month tariff which you have to agree on for 18 months which I think is great for you getting the handset free. The Motorola L6 has a 10MB of memory, 4 x digital zoom VGA camera, 345 hour standby time and 350 minute talk time plus Bluetooth comes with this cool looking phone as well.

Quad band GSM and GPRS connectivity are featured as well. All in all a cool pink phone with nice features.

Check the prices of this phone here –
Carphone Warehouse (pay as you go)
Carphone Warehouse (Monthly)
eBay UK
eBay Canada
eBay USA


5 thoughts on “Motorola Salmon Pink SLVR L6 Mobile”

  1. LaUrE says:

    i JUST bought this phone.. and i am very pleased. u can change the menu and all the diff. buttons. looks xtrmemly sleek.. lovely cute pink colour. Wow-est phone on the market at the moment 🙂

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