Pantech Cool New Concept Phones

Pantech being a very big name in Korea, they are now trying new ideas in the world of mobile phones and yes concept has come out to play. Concept meaning that they will never be sold is a thing of the past. Once they have tried and tested these new concept phones I can see them ready for purchase quicker than you think. The new designs of these phones may be a bit weird but these true form factors that are becoming favourite with many people and boy wouldn’t you stand out with one of these fashion icons.

These are the phones that are highlighted
– Cancro – an iPod-like unit with DMB
– Echo – a digital camera-like design
– Libro – tilt and slide with DMB
– Muse – a sporty spinner
– My Music – self-explanatory
– Phone Theater – a slider with a tube speaker dock
– Transformer: widescreen LCD with kickstand

Do you love concept phones? what are your views on concept phones? if you have answer to both of these then why not place a comment in the box below and get your comments noticed.

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