Papipo Phone for Children

Japan has always come up with great and sometimes wacky ideas but yet I think I like this one, its always a good thing to keep in touch with our kids, but then sometimes there is a downside like teach kids to become addicted to mobile phones, I mean we all know teens of today cannot stop texting.

Bandai and Willcom are presenting this NEW phone called the Papipo, it’s a PHS phone that uses WSIM from Willcom, it has a 0.3megapixel camera and a 128 x 128 display, it also has a anti spam filter and a great system that blocks certain people getting in touch with your child. They come in 3 colours which are pink, blue and pale blue/grey.

Do you think our children should have mobile phones at a young age? Please let us know by posting a comment in the box below. You input is what everybody else wants to know.

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