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We at Phones Review always try to make you a part of us by giving you all the useful information and news you need to know plus we have debates to add as well which keeps us all together. We try to get useful info to you everyday about mobile phones, home phones and any other phone that we might think is useful to you. We thrive on making you the reader and the phone lover entertained with as much as we possibly can.

So now we are going to do something completely NEW that we have never done before, at the moment you can place comments on the product we review which we still love you to do the more the merrier this gets your views across to everyone. Now we have decided would you like to write a post of a phone that we have not done yet or news that you have that everyone might think will be useful to them. We are always open for options, maybe we could add a category that we have not yet done, you can write as much information as you possibly like.

If you would love to get a post out to the people on any subject to do with phones or maybe accessories then all you need to do is as normal put your review in the comments box and send then we will transfer it as a post and not a comment.

Please be aware that we read all information you send us and if we think the post is nothing to do with phones or has obscenities then will remove it.

Thank you to all loyal visitors that come back to us and welcome to all you new visitors, remember we welcome you with open arms and want to keep continuing giving you what you need.

Thanks again from us at PhonesReview.co.uk

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