Sony Ericsson W700i Walkman Phone

This is the all new W700i walkman phone that is in titanium gold and white, this phone is the same as the W800i but in a different colour. Nether the less this phone comes with features such as a 2 mega pixel camera which has 4 x digital zoom and video recording. The Sony Ericsson W700i comes with a 256MB memory stick duo but there is a 2GB you can get which can hold around about 45 CD’s, hold on a minute what is the point in running of the specs it’s the same as the W800i really all but it is in another colour.

You will have probably noticed we have not reviewed the W800i; this is because this is last year’s news and we love to bring you new reviews.

If you wish us to give you a review on the W800i let us know by posting a comment in the box below.


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