O ROKR Bluetooth Stereo Optic Eyewear

These glasses are a thing of beauty that is the combination of Motorola and Oakley, this set up allows you to listen to your favourite music and phone calls all within one little system that sits on your face and the best thing of all this is all done via Bluetooth yes that’s right no wires at all. The O ROKR eyewear system can stream music from any Bluetooth compatible phone or portable music player with a Bluetooth add on adaptor.

You can listen to the music or phone calls even if your phone is not with you, in fact you can do this with your phone up to 30 feet away from you, we are not sure on the price of this amazing system but we do know we want it now.

– 4 hours talk time
– 100 hour of standby time
– Integrated Bluetooth
– Button controls for volume, music controls and answering and ending calls
– 2 speakers which are in stereo (precise fit integrated speakers)
– Wire free
– Oakley’s high definition optics
– Lightweight O Matter frame construction material for comfort and durability.

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