Press Release of Nokia N72 Phone in Pink and Black

This is the nice new sleek and very stylish phone from Nokia and it is called the N72, this is the latest of 3 new phones for the N series range the other mobile phones are the N73 and the N93 which we will be reviewing. The N72 comes in either pearl pink or gloss black which both look fantastic, but lets stop babbling on and get down to the specs and features shall we. This little phone is a little gem full of performance.

The Nokia N72 has a 2 megapixel (1600 x 1200 pixels) slide open camera, the slide opener activates the camera which protects the lens which we like plus an integrated digital music player is featured and it comes with FM radio and support for visual radio, it also has dedicated capture and stunning music player keys.

You can record music from your CD’s which you can then create your own play lists of your favourite tracks and transfer with the music manager which is all part of the Nokia PC suite.

What colour do you prefer, the pink or black? Please post your comments below.


2 thoughts on “Press Release of Nokia N72 Phone in Pink and Black”

  1. sally says:

    Well mmmmmmm let me think, hold on i’m still thinking, well come on i am a lady so it would have to be the pink one, this phone looks the biz, its stunning, sexy, stylish, sleek, classy shall i go on fashionable, 8th wonder of my world. You lot are probraly thinking i am easy to please. You judge for yourself, but the phone is awesome aint it.

  2. Emily says:

    Do not buy this phone.
    I have had it for 6 months and it has been annoying me with lags and glitches for 5 of those months; in the last month I have simply accepted that it is rubbish.

    —Issues with image and gallery:
    -It can not handle a 2gb memory card; the phone can not estimate memory remaining for photo and video.
    -When attempting to video, it freezes and does not unfreeze unless the battery is taken out and phone restarted.
    -The sequence mode causes phone to freeze; again the battery needs to be removed.
    -Any attempted editing to existent photos results in a discombobulated and distorted photo.
    -When browsing though the gallery it often lags, freezes, and aborts back to the desktop of the phone.

    —Issues with file manager:
    -Many photos can not be moved around at once as the phone freezes and does not carry out the command.

    —Issues with messaging and related memory:
    -Over 1000 messages can not be deleted at once. During the process it freezes.
    -When setting the messages to mmc card memory, the phone operates extremely slowly and often does not open messaging at all.
    -‘Phantom’ messages that can not be controlled eventually build up that can only be removed through a master reset.

    —Connection issues:
    -The phone is often not recognized when connected via USB.
    -The option to use a simple navigation (files etc) instead of the Nokia PC Suite was never given to me upon starting up the phone with the computer.
    -There is no Linux support for this phone so you are screwed if you do not have a card reader and aren’t willing to store everything on your card and possibly want to have control over your phone memory through your computer.

    —General issues:
    -Any general command has a great potential to freeze mid-action.
    -The phone is slow in general and once you get comfortable with its navigation you will become too fast for it. It will get confused and give up.

    Definitely not worth NZ$370

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