Announcing Our New Phones Review Forum

Yes at last we have started REVAMPED our forum on Phones Review just for you, we was wondering for ages should we do one or not, the reason why it took us so long to decide is because Phones Review is growing stronger and stronger every day generating a lot of traffic and dedicated readers which we are most grateful.

Well now we have decided with the amount of readers we get it was about time, we hope our NEW forum which has just started will grow to a massive scale as time goes by, we will be updating and putting in new categories and topics every day so there will be every thing for everyone. You can come in there now and register for free and get started straight away.

So do you want to discuss about phones such as Nokia or Motorola and many more or maybe you want to introduce yourself first. Come in and enjoy the fun in what will be the best forum around, we at Phones Review hope to see you soon in the forum and we really hope you enjoy yourselves. Thankyou.

Come join us in the Phones Review Forum – Register here for FREE

What do you think about us started Revamping our forum? Is it a good idea or a bad one? Post your answers in the comment box below.


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