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Are you having troubles with your mobile phone or do you want to ask a question about a particular phone? You can ask just about anything about mobile phones here and we at Phones Review or our readers will be sure to answer. We all know that mobile phones are one of the biggest and largest product on the market and we all know that there are many questions about phones that you would love answered and that is why we are here to make sure you get the answer you require.

So if you are having fault problems with your phone but do not know what to do or you wish to buy a mobile phone and do not know which one to get then why not post a comment in the box below and we and our loyal readers will be sure to answer them as quick as possible.

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  1. Robert Sommerville says:

    I have an older Nokia 5100 which I am taking to the US as it is tri-band. Last time I was there the UK mains charger did not work in a 110-volt US socket – even with a 2-pin adaptor. Are mains chargers voltage specific? i.e. should I try to source a 110 volt charger before I return to the states?

  2. clementine says:

    i need reading glasses and new phone nokia n73 display hard to read. can anyone suggest a phone (3G) that has larger letter display for texting?

  3. Roy Heel says:

    I have a new Samsung E250 and what a dream to use! It’s streets ahead of my old Nokia 3310. I hadn’t realised mobile phones had improved so much. The oly thing is, I cannot find anywhere, how I can assign a specific ringtone to a specific caller. Anyone help?

  4. Kavita Vasudeva says:

    I took my sim card out to allow my brother to use my phone with his sim card. When l put my sim card back all my text messages have been wiped! Can anyone help-have l lost them completely?

  5. John says:

    My son’s Samsung E250 is only 1 month old and has started to have screen problems. Half of the display is un readable! Calls still possible in and out. Can I sort this or is it a shop job!

  6. Richard Butler says:

    I have recently purchased the Nokia 6300 mobile phone and I am very happy with it. The thing is I am also looking at purchasing a Sony Ericsson K810i. In your opinion which mobile phone is better? Should I just stick with my Nokia 6300.

  7. Kurt says:

    My cell phone provider is iwireless and I dropped my phone into water. Can i buy any phone that my simcard fits into or can i only buy through them?

  8. wahab says:

    hi TO LG and any other resourced person i want to ask you that can i install or copy games from my pc to my LG kg200 mobile set,if yes then plz forward me teh procedure.

  9. wahab says:

    yaar i try my best to search from net the games for lg kg200 and copy them into my mobile but i can,t able to play them in the mobile,plz dear if some one knows that then plz tell me how can i play new games in my mobile……..

    thanks waiting for some ones cool reply

  10. Ankit sharma says:

    plz.. help me tht how can i install games in my lgkg200 mobile from my PC?.
    plz do reply soon, i am waiting.
    Thanking you!

  11. Liza says:


  12. i have a sony ericsson phone and the network provider is t-mobile but i want to put my o2 sim chip in this phone and when i try it says ‘network lock’ and it says i have to type in a code but i dont no what the code is .. can u help me??

  13. i have got a sony ericsson phone and the network provider is t-mobile but i want to put my new o2 sim chip in this phoone but everytime i try it always say ‘network lock’ and it says i have to type in a unlock code and i dont no what the unlock code is .. can u help me?


  14. Brian says:

    my phone keeps reciving a text message about every 3hours, it looks like a bottle and the @ sign. how do i get it to stop. this text will not allow you to apply back to it.

  15. kerri says:

    I don’t really have any promblems with the phone accept i want to but my old simcard into it but its on a different network. I’ve beeen looking for codes to unlock the E250 on the internet but can’t find any.
    Can any1 help? x

  16. Hadley says:

    My partner and I want a phone each that allows us to synchronise our calenders. If we have to we could do it though our PC at home. She would prefer email access. I’d like a decent camera. Neither are as important as linking our schedules. We’re sick of writing things in 3 diaries and a wall calender.

  17. jamie says:

    i have a sony ericsson k850i with a calender entry fault. It seems that when ever you try to store information on any date it will not save. the final screen will show it has save ok, but return back to the calender the info is missing. Can any one help, thanks

  18. Shannon says:

    I have recently bought a sasumg e250 in which t-mobile is the service provider…i want to put my o2 sim card in it but it keeps saying network lock..does anyone know the code?

  19. Val F-J says:

    I am looking for a phone which has the capacity for at least 6 daily alarm calls. The present one, which rings and vibrates, and switches on if it is off when the time comes to alert us, is great, but only has 4 daily alarm calls possible. No sites seem to give this information on their phones.

  20. stephen quantrill says:

    i have a Sony Ericsson W810i Walkman phone, how can i tell if my texts iv sent and opened, do i have to go into my phone ans do something ? i send texts but never sure if they get there or what time there opened ?
    Many Thanks

  21. kirk says:

    i just dropped my phone in water and the sim chip is fine its a samsung x427m and the circuits are all fried but i was wondering whether I could just get a go phone from at&t and stick the sim chip in there I am currently with at&t on a plan right now and i was wondering if the plan would carry over to the gophone instead of me having to buy the go phone cards

  22. Rochdale says:

    Hello Sir,

    My mobile battery is full. but when i use any application or start camera the battery suddenly becomes low with only one stick remaining. i changed the battery and same problem occurs. any idea as to why this is happening ?? is there any problem with mobile IC ? also sometimes when i see my phone it gets switch off aumatically.

  23. Aliyah says:

    I have the Sony Ericsson w850i Walkman phone, it keeps switching on & off & now it wont switch on at all.
    It wont charge either, everytime i try, it says Chargin error stop charging or something; when it does charge the battery stays at 0%, what do i do? do i buy a new battery?

  24. kathi says:

    is there any way of having one number barred from your phone via your provider and not just by doing it on your tools menu? also is there a way to retrieve your sent and received texts…….any help would be welcome

  25. why wont my month old samsung 900 charge anymore its been dead for a week i’m putting the charger in but nothing its not the charger tried another one but still nothing help please xxxxxx

  26. Rishad says:

    I’m having Sony Ericsson W810i walkman phone. I need a lock procted with password to screen and folders. How can i do that? Pls help.. Thank u

  27. tara says:


    i’ve just bought a pink 7373 . i have just a few questions about the memory… the phone came with a micro 1GB card that i have in it now but i think thats for images etc. this morning it came up memory almost full etc.. now i don’t have much on it at all.. maybe 30 text messages and some images… so what exactly is the memory for it and is there anyway to boost it? i used to have a 6300 and i used to be able to save 100 texts etc.. thankyou

    just wanted to add that it also came with a SD transflash adapter… what is that?

  28. joanne says:

    i have an samsung e900 which has been dropped in to water and is badly damaged. i have pics of my baby when he was first born on the phone which i didnt get round to putting onto disc, is there a way round getting them from the phone?

  29. 01189672961 says:

    Just got a brand new Nokia 1112. Has a SIM card, but how do I know what network it is?
    I would prefer Virgin, since they are more straight forward.
    Anyone help?
    Can I change it to a Virgin network sim card?

  30. Andrew says:

    I have just bought a LG Viewty (someones orange upgrade which was not wanted).

    I have an orange phone and sim car and wanted to use the LG phone, however when I put my sim into the Viewty it does not see it (it keeps saying insert sim)

    Does anyone know what i’m doing wrong, and what i might need to do to get it to work.


  31. zach says:

    i have a t-mobiole phone i puyt my sim in which is cingular at first it said enter code so i tried that now it says contact service provider but i already bought a unlock cod eof ebay what do i do?

  32. Mr. T says:

    Anyone know how to fix a faulty samsung e250 screen. ive had it 6 months and the screen stays white for a while. is it fixable of is another phone required?

  33. wedaja says:

    Anyone know about hundreds of tiny dots that seem to be behind the screen of a Motorola quad? They’re black on a white background and white on a black background. I bought if from eBay, and the seller blames dust, yet they weren’t there when he sent it he says.

  34. Chris Powell says:

    My new CECT phone won’t accept any of the sims I’ve tried from various networks. I’ve read that i may need a 56k sim. Is that true and would my operator (T-mobile) be able to give me one?


  35. rory says:

    Help me
    Have put my paygo O2 sim into an old nokia 3230 contract phone initially with no problems. but now when i open a text ” System error ( -1 ) ” flashes up constantly.
    Thanks in advance

  36. Sudhan says:

    I dont want to share my any files from my mobile….to other mobile through bluethooth, infrared and other devices. Can i Do this…???If yes,
    How can i do this.

  37. wayne says:

    I have bought a curve 8300 from a dubious source i now know i took it into vodaphone they said it had been registered as stolen or lost.
    what a prat.
    cant send or recieve anything on the blackberry now.is there anyway it can be unlocked os any suggestions.HAVENT SEEN THE KID I GOT IT OFF YET .BUT HOPEFULLI WILL DO.


  38. aimee says:

    okay i got a new lg net 10 phone yesterday and i stept on it and the screan broke so i bought a new one cause i was gonna just switch the sim cards so i would have all my good minutes on the phone that works and it didnt work so now i dont know what to do.??

  39. Frank says:

    Just bought a Samsung J750 slide phone. My youngster keeps getting his hands on the phone and making random calls when I’m not looking. The phone lock function works when the slide is down but if u slide it open the phone automatically unlocks. Is there any way to lock it so thatit stays locked even when u slide it open?

  40. Chris says:

    If i have confirmation of delivery set on my phone when sending texts and i can confirm it is functioning correctly. If i send a text to a phone and get no confirmaion of delivery….does this mean the receiving phone is switched off or may the number does exsist anymore.

  41. matt says:

    Can anyone help?
    I would like to have a 5mp camera phone with a built in spell checker or a free downloadable spell checker (not to be confused with predictive texting) also if I miss a call or text message I would like it to bleep at regular intervals until I answer or read the text message
    Is this possible?

  42. Julie says:

    I have just purchased a Samsung Mobile which is on the T-Mobile Network.

    When I turned it on, it is asking for a password and there is no mention of a password in the paperwork.

    What should I do?

  43. ranny says:

    What is that feature in most mobile phones which allows a sound recording to be used as a ringtone?
    (Hint: this feature is present in Nokia 6070 for example.)

  44. babyjoy says:

    what happen to my nokia 3310? i can turn it on but the problem is that they stated there contact service? what was that mean? i cant use it anymore now. but my sim card is still ok and it was functioned in some other cell phones, why is it written there at my screen contact service and cant use it anymore?

  45. I currently own a Nokia 6233 connected to an in-car fully fitted kit.
    I wish to PURCHASE and new mobile with more facilities and connect it to my current in car kit.
    Q Is there an adaptor for a more modern phone or a new cradle (perhaps a CR-39) that will operate a new phone. I am a Orange client under contract.

  46. MW13 says:


    I currently use an Orange SPVM700, synchronised with Outlook, but I’m looking for a replacement. Are there any phones that will synch contacts and calendar with outlook that do not run windows mobile, as there are only a limited number of phones running this? Someone mentioned that a few Sony Ericsson phones do this – anyone help please?

  47. ASHLEY says:

    Hey uhm i am going to get the lg scoop or rumor or what ever they want to call it! but should i is it a good phone?? should i stick to my razor? Its just that a txt A LOT!!!!! A LOT A LOT!!!! 10,00 txt mesasages a month and i hate the way i have to use my phone! i dont like typing that way and i get really bored with it!!! Should i get the phone or stick?? Im a lot confused soo many diff things about the diff phones!!! the razor is sleek and breakble but the scoop is fat and has a bad camera!! i dont really care but the camera the last phone i had my camera took pictures with big fat ugly lines!!! HELP!!!! IM EATING MYSELF UP!!!!

  48. Mercedes says:

    Hi ive recentley sold my Tocco, the person who bought it has informed me that they cant do anything as when they put in their orange sim it asks for a password??? Yep password not code 🙁 I have no idea as when i bought the phone i put in my sim and it never did this and have never turned the phone lock on please help Thx

  49. Philip Reece-Heal says:

    I have a Nokia 6230i phone on a monthly contract with carphone warehouse on O2. I do not use it much and feel I would be much better off with a pay-as-you-go phone, even if I have to buy a new phone.

    I would like to know if there is any way I can do this but retain the existing sim card and/or phone number.

    Anyone got any ideas?



  50. skan says:

    I’ve Nokia 6300. 2 days back I dropped it in water by accident. I was anxious, so I tried to dry the back part, I removed battery,but after few minutes, I put battery back & tries to turn it on. It didnt work. I was only able to get the correct scredriver to unscrew the front cover the next day and the i dissembled & left it to dry few hours. I put it back together, but now its not working. The blue light on side flashes,then it says “contact service”, nothing more, then goes off.

    Can you please help me to clarify what exactly this message means? Will my mobile never work? Or can some repairs be done please to make my mobile work again?

    Thank you. I would be greatful for your help.

  51. Mark says:

    I have a business phone and want to stop paying monthly on my personel phone. I’d like to keep the number and move it to a pay as you go or even have two sims in my BB.

    Any advise?

  52. alex says:

    Hi, just got my new cect i 9 today. Was really happy with it until i tried my contract vodafone sim card and it just says invalid sim card. can some one please give some advise as to how i can get my vodafone sim to work. the phone takes a orange sim card, but won’t take O2 and haven’t tried a t-mobile.

  53. Daniel says:

    Hey i have a samsung J750 i wanna know if i can make a message saying something like.. Hey …. here, sorry i can’t answer now, please leave a message.

    if so, how please? also, can i get games??

  54. Ahmed says:

    When i put my nokia 3230 on da charger it says not charging , even if i change da battery it says not charging is dis a software problem or hardware and what are da suggested soloutions?

  55. Barbara Austin says:

    I have a Nokia 6300 mobile phone and am not able to send text messages, although I can receive them.
    Can anyone tell me what buttons I may have pressed to install or uninstall something.
    I am not technically minded, so anything you tell me must be very plain.
    Thanks in advance.

  56. Dr D.Fisher says:

    I bought a Samsung E-250 (Virgin network) from Tesco, registered it, and left it in a drawer for a month. When I next tried to use it, I got only an “insert SIM” message; which I have done dozens of times without success. Samsung, Virgin and Tesco are now passing the buck to each other and the phone is still useless. So, think twice about dealing with any of those companies, phone-wise.

  57. Jo says:

    I have just received my new samsung tocco. I saved all my pictures from my old Prada on to the sim card but am unable to access them with the tocco. Can anyone help with this?

  58. sophie says:

    I have a Samsung E250 and all of a sudden cant send a basic text message!! It comes up with ‘error’ and has a permanent symbol of a phone with a line through it at the top. It hasnt always been like this so am guessing iys just a matter of changing some kind of setting but which 1?!!

  59. rebekerr says:

    I have a samsung tocco and i had inserted the charger and dopped my phone accidentily. i picked it up and now my fone wont charge at all. =/

  60. Jeff Aiken says:

    I have a samsung blackjack 2 and have accidently deleted a picture and am trying to find someway to retrieve or undelete it. Doers anybody know how to copy the inetrnal memory or how to retreive any lost pics?

  61. Jeff Aiken says:

    have accidently deleted a pic on my samsung blackjack 2 – does anybody know how to undelete or know any software or of a way to retrieve the data?

  62. Emma says:

    I have the Nokia 6131 Phone,pay as you go.
    My problem is my simcard will not let me phone premium rate numbers, when I try I comes up with a messege (this number is blocked from your phone)

    I phoned mobile world to get the number unloked and they sayed umm NO! So I want to know what option I have? is it just get a new phone?

  63. Barbara Rawlings says:

    Has anyone else had this experience? I have a mobile phone, quite old, with a camera in it. I have looked at it and seen what looks like a video playing – nothing I’ve taken, nothing being sent as far as I know and nothing it could be filming. I wonder if there’s a way that phones can sometimes pick up someone else’s visual messages? Is this possible? Has anyone got an explanation?

  64. Carlo says:

    Hi thare I’ve got a Samsung toco it has a cracked inner screen all my numbers were saved to the phone memory is there any way of me retieving it please help

  65. Dave says:

    Nokia 6300 – blue lights on side remain lit at all times. I’ve tried resetting factory settings and making sure no alerts, messages, etc. are not causing this but can’t find anything. Any thoughts?

  66. keith Scott says:

    I have a Brand new Blackberry Bold 9000, can anyone please tell me why with the Bluetooth on it is impossible to pair it with any other Bluetooth device and believe me i have tryed. I know 3 other people with same phone and they all have the same problem.

  67. Mehul says:


    I want to buy a mobile phone Sony Ericsson W705 online through Electron-World, New Zealand. My question is that will this mobile work in India with all the functions like the FM Radio etc…. And the sim card i would put is of Vodafone.

  68. How can i tell if my thailand girlfriend has diverted her mobile phone? I ring it and it rings out and sms messages have taken forever to go through. I suspect that she has diverted her calls and the recipitent has been informed not to answer my number, or hidden number or any calls originated in the uk. thanks

  69. Stephen says:

    I have the options of getting a HTC Hero or Iphone 3G (not 3GS). What do people recommend I choose out of the two phones? I am really unsure!! Thanks!

  70. Royella Roessler says:

    I have a Blue LG Gr500 phone. Got it for a replacement from AT&T under insurance to replace my razar phone.

    How do I get a loud ring for my incoming calls?


  71. katy says:

    hi i am desperatly in need of a new mobile but have a contract phone on orange if i was to buy a pay as you go handset off another network would i be able to get it unlocked for my own sim?? please help.. thanks x

  72. raz says:

    I want to buy sony ericson s312. i heard that it cannot play songs at 320kbps bitrate. pls comment about its display quality and sound quality.

  73. karthik says:

    hey i love watching film and serfing net and would like to know which is the best mobile to buy ranging about 17000 rupees through which i can acces net fast and watch movies on larg and clear screen my friends suggested nokia e71 but i wanted to know what u suggest me

  74. karthik says:

    hey i love watching film and serfing net and would like to know which is the best mobile to buy ranging about 17000 rupees through which i can access internet fast my friends suggested nokia e71 but i wanted to know what u suggest me

  75. Paul Lucas says:

    I have a Motorola Razr V3 on O2 pay as you go.
    I want to upgrade to a Motorola KRZR K1 & stay on O2 payas you go.
    What are my options, eg. can I buy a sim free KRZR K1 & put my existing sim card in it?
    The reason for the change is that I am buying a new car which lists the KRZR as being fully compatible with the car connectivity system, but does not list the Razr v3. I am looking for the lowest cost solution.

  76. robin says:

    i have an old nokia 6233. great speakers with gud amount of bass. but nw i’m interested in buying a new phone. can some one tell me which is the best phone with the best speakers(gud bass) available r8t nw. saw SE aino recently. does it have gud speakers?

  77. Dan says:

    What does it mean when you call a number and a voice says ‘calls are not currently being connected to this number?’ Does this mean that this number is permanantly not in use or unpaid bill? Please help as I’m trying to contact someone orgently.

    Thanks everyone in advance

  78. Garth says:

    I have a Nokia E71. I have no problem backing up my contacts to my computer, unless I want to backup the ones on my SIM card. To backup the contacts file from my phone memory or memory card, no problem. To even SEE anything on my SIM card (even with PC Suite) let alone back it up to my computer appears to be impossible with the E71. This, along with being stuck with Symbian and no flash, are two big negatives to my otherwise wonderful E71.

  79. Carole says:

    Does anyone know how to get the stuff stored on a nokia phone memory now that there appears to be a fault with the sim reader. The sim can be read by another phone, but half the info I want is stored in the phone memory. Is there any way I can access it? Plz help.

  80. penta says:

    i have an LG990i Viewty Lite – how do you move text messages from the inbox and sent items and store them in your memory card , does not seem like an option to do this as i could on my old Nokia N97 …… help please

  81. Linda says:

    I have a Sony Ericsson K8101 and the joystick has stopped working so I can’t access the numbers stored on my phone. Does anyone know of way of retrieving them?

  82. rissa says:

    i have a LG Scoop and i have a sdd card for it and i downloaded ringtones for it and i cant use them.i have put the sd card in the adabtor and stuck it in the computer and moved the ringtones to my adios and i still cant use them. PLEASE HELP ME FIGER IT OUT. THANK YOU

  83. Donna says:

    Might be a silly question but I’ll ask it anyway:

    Can I just buy a mobile phone and use my own sim card? I have a contract with a provider however they have sent my mobile away for repair.

  84. andy r says:

    I’m looking for a screen protector for my new Nokia 6303 but doesn’t seem to be marketed as yet
    Will screen protector for Nokia 6300 be OK instead; are screen sizes the same?

  85. aani says:

    my mobile phone LG KG200 not working.m change 3 times baterry, charger but still problem my mobile off. im restore my mobile setting but have still off. charging compelete but again n again off. m on my mobile phone after 1 second again off.

  86. Matthew Baer says:

    Hello My name is Matthew Baker and liveat Papworth Everard near Cambridge and unlike a lot of people I have got a 02 Sim card and topped up with £10.00 worth of money, but I an't get a reception at all in my room so can you pleae help me?

    Kind regards
    Matthew Baker

  87. billblankenship says:

    i have net 10 LG 1500 phone, when i open it up the display screen will not display any information, the screen now looks disccolored. the phone still works, but i can't add minutes without seeeing screen. is the phone shot or is there an easy fix?? thanks for any help,,,,

  88. Bandula says:

    I am unable use PhoneSuite for Micromax Q5, since PhoneSuite window at its bottom displays Disconnected, although handset is connected through Bluetooth/USB. I can access the other files of the handset via Bluetooth/USB

  89. jasmine says:

    can you make a phone call from a mobile using someone elses number? i got a call from my boyfriend but he didnt actually ring me. was someone else using his number..? is that possible to do?

  90. ericajean281979 says:

    so having issues with getting the setting to access the data and the mms to work on my iwireless network have a unlocked att samsung mythic does anyone know how to set the settings would be nice to get pics and face book

  91. LeiAna Kapono says:

    I suspect my partner isn't being completely honest with me, how do i recover deleted text messages and voice mails if his phone doesn't require a sim card, his phone is made by samsung and his provider is Metro PCS. Please tell me this is possible without cost….PLEASE HELP!!

  92. kamal says:

    i want to know:-

    1: in samsung can we assign customized sms tone?
    2: are we ger 2gd micro sd card with the purchase of product ?
    3: can we change theme and install other app. like dictionery etc..

  93. Juliet Marsh says:

    i've been texting and calling my boyfriend's mobile phone, i get a delivery report on the texts and when i call, it rings a few times, then goes to voicemail, could his battery be dead or are the messages going through?

  94. Danny says:

    I have the LG kf900 prada, every time i want to look at pictures a message appears and says maximum limit has been reached…. How do i fix this problem?

  95. Drew says:

    Mobile phones – need to hide sender ID for received txt messages?
    I'm a texter whose looking to buy a new phone. In the past I have tried mobile phones from Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Samsung and I noticed that with Nokia phones when you receive a txt msg it doesn't show who the sender is until you open the message. With the other two brands it shows it before opening the msg. However, I found out that Nokia has now some models that show the sender ID before opening the msg as well. I want a phone that does not show the sender ID on received msgs before opening the msg.
    Is there an option to change this on the phone? If not then which Nokia or SE phones have the feature I want?

    Thank you.

  96. strom_margaret says:

    My friend has an 02 pay as you go mobile and I have a orange pay as you go mobile we send picture messages which is fine…………….. also used to send videos but now the 02 mobile will not accept them can anyone say how to change it so it accepts them again or why it no longer accepts the video's…..your help will be much appreciated..thank you…

  97. Jeremy says:

    Hi there. In looking for a phone where you can sync your entire outlook (including emails) back and forward between the PC and the phone. so any emails you receive on the phone can then be sync to the PC later and vice versa

  98. Pete says:

    I'd like to purchase an inexpensive smartphone which, at minimum:

    * can sync seamlessly with Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs, and Google Reader
    * has full, cost-effective Skype functionality (free Skype-to-Skype calls at least)
    * has full and rapid OS updates from the handset manufacturer
    * has full support and functionality in South Africa and the EU on pay-as-you-go tariffs
    * can read and edit Open Office and MS Office files
    * can interface with a desktop/laptop running Ubuntu
    * has GPS (preferable)
    * can support Flash (preferable)

    I looked at (1) the Sony Ericsson X10 Mini and X10 Mini Pro, but the manufacturer has already said it won't offer any OS updates (beyond Android 2.1) and (2) the BlackBerry 8520, which doesn't seem to offer full Skype functionality.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

  99. dave allen says:

    I have a sony ericsson xperia x10 mini pro and for some reason every time i receive a text it does not beep. It used to beep but now the green light just flashes. The phones not on silent and the other sounds are all working like ringtone and music. ive looked in settings and cant find whats wrong. Does anyone know what the problem could be?

  100. Cattanach says:

    (J) in Norfolk can send and receive texts from many peope, using her Nokia mobile, but can no longer receive texts from my O2 mobile, or Samsung mobile (The latter uses Virgin). Why ? (J) always deletes texts received from memory. I can receive texts from (J) and speak to her, mobile to mobile, but how can my texts get through again?.

  101. shadab badshah says:

    i’m planning to buy a smartphone for myself…..but i’m stuck between HTC DESIRE,SAMSUNG GALAXY ACE AND SONY ERICSSON XPERIA X10………i don’t know which one better…..so can any help inn choosing between these….

  102. Veda N says:

    I want to buy a phone (nokia/samsung) which has dedicated button for switch off.
    I dont want to use “Call Cancel Button” for power off. I want an dedicated button to switch off the phone. The problem is my mom always uses the call cancel button (Red Button) and holds it for some time and the phone gets switched off. I dont want this. Can you suggest some latest basic phones with this feature.

  103. sandra says:

    My new Nokia 7320 went for repair no ) or space bar, Vodaphone cannot repair. Butr just Nokia on e bay, would I be able to use the charger and put in my own sim card in to this without problems?

    many thanks for any help sandrachts2@aol.com

  104. Milliethompson1985 says:

    can text messages be undeleted from the phone itself.  I am told the deleted messages go onto the hardware of the phone.  is there anyone out there that can undelete these messages. They go back to November 2010.  I have bought sim card readers but nothing is coming up.

  105. N Sullivan173 says:

    my mum has a samsung i have a nokia. A while ago my mums phone stopped receiving text messages from me, the weird thing is she can send me a text which i receive, and she can ring me and i can ring her but never receives my texts but she used to??????? 

  106. Clarkvinecottage says:

    I am no spring chicken and find my fingers far too clumsy to use the touch sensative buttons on a  Samsung qwerty mobile, what simple to use basic mobiles have a qwerty key board and pointer touch screen

  107. Arjan Das says:


  108. Gogs_pratikhit says:

    plz suggest whether to bu samsung champ s3770 or other mobile phones like sony ericssion cedar. my basic requirements are for surfin internet, download applications eg: web browsers like opera mini 6.0, uc web 8.0. note that i previously had samsung c3010s the limitation in downloading java application was 300 kb max. is there criteria of similar nature in samsung champ s3770. what are other mobile phones available in india where the limitation to download application is comparatively higher. my budget is Rs.5750

  109. Internet Network says:

    I unlocked my MyTouch4g originally on T-mobile network. so now my o2 SIM card works in the phone BUT i can not get internet on my phone through their service Is there a way I can get it so that my phone will connect to the o2 internet service they have for mobile phones.

  110. Mandeep Singh says:

    Is Sony ericsson Neo v enough for 3d Gaming????PLEASE ANSWER?

    i have only this option for buy in range of 18k
    i m very interested in playing apps and games….
    SE NEO V has 1ghz snapdragon processor, 512mb ram(90-120mb free only) and Andreno 205 Gpu
    is this Gpu has capacity for playing 3d Games????
    So, What yours Opinion……..

  111. Mandeep Singh says:

    Is Sony ericsson Neo v enough for 3d Gaming????PLEASE ANSWER?

    i have only this option for buy in range of 18k
    i m very interested in playing apps and games….
    SE NEO V has 1ghz snapdragon processor, 512mb ram(90-120mb free only) and Andreno 205 Gpu
    is this Gpu has capacity for playing 3d Games????3d Games like shadow Gun, Spider Man 3d,gta 3, Gangster,asphalt 6
    So, What yours Opinion……..

  112. Ffffhouse says:

    Where does my phone get updates from.  I have a Samsung Galaxy S2, which I bought from T-Mobile Sim Free, and I have a O2 Sim Card in there.  When I get the phone to check for updates, does it go to Samsung, T-Mobile or O2? Is there any simple way to check where the update comes from or even change it?

    I ask because I am still waiting for the Ice Cream Sandwich update, which is still not available when I check for updates, even though Samsung claim it has been available since the 19th.

  113. Rohittnn says:

    I m unable to install some android app on my galaxy pop.. I m getting msg it couldnt install on usb storage or sd card, though i hav enough memory.. Whats prblm..???

  114. Meeraalishya says:

    hi,,,am holding samsung s3770,i want to hide my mobile while making out going calls,would it possible in this mobile.if its applicable how to implement this.can any one help in this please.

  115. shiva says:

    thinking of  new micromax a50 ninja with voice assistant, my questons are does it supporte book reader, doesi t have adobef lash reader ,i.e can ip lay youtube videos ,and whatab out gaming.plz do replyyyyyyyyy

  116. Deeps says:

    I am Deeps, I have brought Sony Ericsson Arc from Japan and got it unlocked in Indian but I am facing two problem.
    (1) when I got it unlocked, it was Android2.3, i reached home connect it to own laptop and new version Android 4.0 was avaliable, As Sony companion s/w it is updated howver, in phone Android ver, actually it is same 2.3. why this problem is coming.
    (2) As this Mobile was made for japan, frequency band also is as per Japan band. How it can be converted to Indian frequency band. is there any option ?

  117. sm17 says:

    hi..i’m shashank ..
    i was earlier confused between HTC EXPLORER (PICO) & SAMSUNG GALAXY Y DUOS….as they were below rs. 9000.
    but then i decided to shell out extra money to get a better phone…..but now again i’m confused between HTC WILDFIRE (S) & SAMSUNG ACE….
    Please suggest me the best choice out of the four phones….in both the categories..

  118. *** says:

    what may be the problem – if the sim is inserted in my sony cedar mobile,it becomes blank and shows a white screen (since switching off while charging)?

  119. Sandy says:

    I have a samsung galaxy s3 and i need to put my photos from my samsung galaxy note
    on it. the the galaxy note sim card is too big for the s3 How do i do this

  120. David Graham. says:

    Please please can anyone tell me how to move / store photos and files to a micro sd card on a Samsung Galaxy Mini,I have tried for 2 weeks now and all I have on it is the “viber” app,I would be most grateful.

  121. Chris Chris says:

    US Samsung Galaxy S3 unlocked w/micro SIM brought to US. The US version supports 2.5G (GSM/ GPRS/ EDGE): 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz 3G (HSPA+ 21Mbps): 850 / 900 / 1900 / 2100 MHz 4G (Dependent on market) With regards to EE (everything everywhere) being on 1800 Mhz, this band of 1800 Mhz would also be accepted on the US version S3. Would the US S3 take the 1800 Mhz in the UK and be 4G capable?

  122. Guest says:

    micromax and karbonn are china mobiles rebranded and once if the phones not working then even warranty can do nothing. so my ques is whether zync is a independant manafacturer or alike micromax and karbonn???????? plzzzz say

  123. sanjay says:

    micromax and karbonn are china mobiles rebranded and once if the phones not working then even warranty can do nothing. so my ques is whether zync is a independant manafacturer or alike micromax and karbonn???????? plzzzz say me

  124. srinu says:

    I would like to purchase a mobile in the range of 10-12k with
    android 4 and a 1 GHz processor with a good camera. The main purpose is for
    music and internet, suggest me whether to buy a dual sim phone or a single sim.

    Because I noticed in some comments people saying dual sim
    phones always takes away some ram and processor usage for the extra sim along with
    faster battery discharge.

    Tell me whether to buy a dual sim – Micromax A110 canvas 2 or
    Micromax A90s

    Or purchase some Nokia Lumia, Samsung phones, and LG models
    with single sim(suggest best single sim in 12k range) and additionally use a
    dual sim phone in 1k-1.5k range.

  125. Alan says:

    I am using a Nokia C3-01 with bluetooth thru a Honda CRV computer evrything connects except the sound , the same happens with a different car so it seems to be the phone . Am I doing anything wrong ?

  126. MRB says:

    Did the Samsung e250 come with numbers like voice mail on , voice mail off or directory enquiries preset into contacts on a 02 pay as you go phone when bought new from O2 shop ?

  127. Patriot1 says:

    I can not access the internet but I can access the internet useing the mobile apps on my phone,I have a iphone 4,could somebody help me please?

  128. goldy says:

    samsung has launchd two s4 version one with octacore 1.6ghz and another is quadcore 1.9ghz,now my query is which one would be a bttr choice..

  129. Vinod says:

    I need your help. how can set a ringtone for incoming message on Micromax canvas A110. Please give me your valuable response as soon as possible. thanks

  130. maureen says:

    I have just been given a phone that had a t mobile sim card in and i want to used a 02 one when i put the card in the phone its asking for a oper code does this mean that the phone is locked

  131. Anvi says:

    I have recently bought karbonn a21 nd m having a confusion that how to create a folder on the menu screen of the same like as in Nokia phones and all there is a galary, received filesetc.pls solve the problem….

  132. jo says:

    Hi, I have a contract with Orange and pay monthly. I dropped my phone and now it is sporting a cracked screen and doesn’t charge properly. I didn’t take out insurance cover (but I hate the phone anyway) and I don’t plan on starting a new contract either when mine ends next year, so in the mean time I would like to buy myself a new phone (Samsung galaxy ace) and put my sim card in the new phone to carry out my last few months on my orange contract. Can I do this? the phone I want is cheaper in carphone warehouse, does this matter?

  133. Akhil says:

    i need to buy a phone with a budget of about 12k/-..i prefer to go with an indian company..can you suggest a good phone..i usually am a hardcore gamer and a music lover..suggest a good phone within my range plzzz

  134. TamiL says:

    Can I retrieve deleted text messages from an LG A341. I’ve been told a usb sim card reader would not work since this phone stores this information in the phone memory not on the sim card. Is there software I can use to do this if I plug my phone into the computer?

  135. Nikki says:

    I took out an Orange contract on 31st August 2011. I’m looking at cancelling the contract a couple of months early. I have checked my copy of the customer information form that was completed in the Orange store, and have just noticed they have incorrectly dated it 31st August 2001. Because of this, do you think I have good grounds for cancelling early without having to pay a premium. Many thanks.

  136. Benjamin Bradley says:

    I’m tired of my phones crapping out under normal usage due to aging and lack of upgrade support (app crashes, lags, unreliable). Looking for a new phone now, I can’t help but think they’ll all be worthless in 2 years. Are there any phones that are reliable for the long term (I’d love even 5 years at this point)? Historically I’ve stuck with android due to app election. Is iphone any better for reliability?

  137. Ryedale lady says:

    I have an O2 Samsung Galaxy SII which I dropped and the screen got driven over!! The phone is still bleeping and ringing when I receive text or telephone but the screen is smashed so I cant see or access any functions. Unfortunately I didnt have any of my phone contacts or photos backed up. My question is can these somehow be saved off my phone now?! Please help!

  138. Blessing says:

    I would like to know if my phone has a chance of working again, because I recently bought a second hand charger for my Samsung galaxy tab but as I was charging it, it exploded. I was able to use my phone with the percentage of battery that it had after it exploded. After the battery went dead I couldn’t charge it anymore I took it to the nearest technician who replaced the charging port but he told me it still doesn’t switch on even after they charged my battery. Please help.!

  139. Amar Yadav says:

    I want to buy a mobile but I am confused between three phones.
    Phones are “samsung galaxy s duos”,”micromax canvas 2″ and “micromax canvas hd”.
    I liked samsung by its brand name but i am not impressed with its processor and screen size which is 4 inch whereas in micromax canvs 2 RAM is only 512 and micromax canvas hd is crossing my budget. Please suggest me a phone among these or any phone withing 10000 to 12000 Rs.Please do reply.

  140. shobhit says:

    I want to buy a smart phone in budget of rs. 18000, my requirement is good looks, long battery backup, good camera, enough internal memory, fast processor and a good post purchase service.
    i was looking for micromax canvas 4 is it a good phone for my reqirements.
    can you plz suggest me the best mobile phone for my requirement.

  141. C B Chhatri Chhatri says:

    I am in possession of A21 karbonn mob.My quiry is that the mobile is not accessing internet in Nepal through Nepal’s SIM whereas it was working in India.What may be the reasons? It is showing G on task bar.Please suggest me.I shall be grateful to you

  142. Jon Iverson King says:

    YO, i just used my 3.5 jack on my phone this morning with an auxiliary to a speaker. Its really weird when i plugged it in the sound was very unlikely to the song i played. The speaker was very old and its was too weak. Now I’ve used my own jack to my greatest speaker and the song bass part of the song is too strong the song wont even be smooth as it used to be. So i need your help. I have cleaned my 3.5 jack also. Please reply my message on my facebook account

  143. Nicole says:

    I had a cell phone that could access gmail, even when my data plan ran out. I could not access internet, but I could access gmail. I got a new phone, this one doesn’t have gmail available after data runs out. Is there a way to manually set-up access to gmail on my cell phone and make it still available even when my data plan has expired, or are there special phones that allow this?

  144. Megan says:

    My Nokia phone has suddenly stopped displaying when a message arrives. I now have to go into the message centre to see if I have received any new messages.

  145. anthony says:

    i got a message on my phone ,and my phone is connected to many apps like face book and skype and email the message says (i want you to F..k me .) i cant tell if the message came through an app or if it was a direct phone to phone message because all the phone numbers that comes with the messages does not indicate if it came from an app or from another phone . the problem is i also directed the apps from a friend to give me a message when she does a message activity . so i dont know if i have a stalker or if my friend is trying to trick me or if the message was ment for me . now when i call the number the person never answers they only text me back . could any one give advice on how i can tell if it came through a notification or a direct phone message to me ? please help

  146. akinmeye funbi says:

    am using T-Mobile phone haiwei and I cannot connected to my camera, any time I wish to camera my self it will say connection error and it not responding pls help me out

  147. MacKenzie says:

    Blackberry Curve 9315, T-Mobile

    The following are my requirements for a new phone. I obviously don’t want to buy it unless it fits my requirements.

    1. What options are there for alarms? Can you choose a quiet alarm vs.
    an extremely loud one? Can you choose to wake up with a melody or song
    instead of a blaring and obnoxious beeping?

    2. Does this phone have a “silent” option? Not vibrate. Completely
    silent. No sound for anything, games, notifications, messages, emails.
    Nothing, absolutely no sound.

    3. Does this phone have a calendar? Can you put multiple appointments in at once? Does it have a large capacity?

  148. Huzaifah Bin Asad says:

    When I try to stream live tv on my xperia L, it says no.playable source found, or ur flashplayer is outdated, even after I installed flashplayer…how can I stream.live tv???? Pleez help.. 🙁

  149. Anand says:

    Most of the companies are offering almost the same specifications if you want to go for smart phone. What is different is the price. What one gets confused with is, that one should go for big brands like Nokia / Samsung /HTC etc or even the Indian brands like Micromax / Karbon / Intex give the same performance? Is there really a difference or just the brand name for which we pay more amount?

  150. taman says:

    HElp please ,i bought a HTC 500 desire phone a few days ago , i use we chat and whatsapp, but all my friends say they hardly can hear my voice in voice messages, i increased the volume in settings , used audio manager , but nothing works

  151. Indeep Sethi says:

    want to buy new phone… please suggest me which phone is better “Motorola Moto G” or “Samsung galaxy grand duos”??? please help me

  152. harry styles says:

    i have a samsung galaxy grand mobile….i accidentally dropped it the other day…now,the music player or the speakers,i don’t know with what the problem is but,the music clarity is dead completely.the songs are not clear at all….a lot of disturbance! no clarity!!

  153. Rahul Gupta says:

    guys I am trying to reboot may mobile alcatel ot995 .but it doesn’t work when I am pressing volume down and power key. the mobile goes blank white display guys plz help me fast.

  154. john says:

    i haven’t used my mobile in ages maybe anywhere from 6 moths to a year and i charged it and turned it on and i had received a text some time back telling me to recharge credit or my services will be cancelled and as my phone was off i did not do it and now i have no reception and i can only call emergency numbers please help

  155. Kavitha says:

    Samsung Grand 2.
    This phone looks good in video reviews.So many hidden features. i like below features
    1. Big screen with good resolution
    2. More than one application run at same time in different windows (multi window)
    3.Good camera with new interface (different from grand)
    4. leather back cover (similar to note 3)
    5.Screen zooming,Screenshots,One hand use of screen etc.
    6.Videos will run in thump nails in gallery.
    7.VOICE COMMANDS for capturing photos,Stopplay music,unlock screen.
    8. Call clarity + you can set equalizer

    These are the some features which i see in video review of this phone,No direct use experience.Going for this hope this will be a good option.

    .Guyz please share your experience with this phone.

    Is there any other good phones than this in this range?

  156. Deni says:

    My LG Motion 4G turned blue when i was watching a video. Then, I turned it back on and started watching the video again. Turned blue again, except now, the screen won’t work. When I plug the ccharger in, the home page, back, and options buttons light up, but the screen still doesn’t turn on. I don’t know what to do!! Help! Also, it won’t vibrate at all!!!!!! I have tryed holding down the power button and volume down, removing the battery, and charging it for 8 hours straight!!!!! I NEEED AN ANSWER!!!!!!

  157. Kishore says:

    when i was updating my xperia c suddenly my mobile was switched off and an android symbol lying with ! symbol appeared…. when i restarted my mobile mobile starts and before the homescreen appears it aggain turn offs …. it continues…..i cant even remove my battery, since it is inbuilt….
    any solutions to this problem??????

  158. Kishore says:

    Dear Sir/ Madam
    Iam kishore iam using sony xperia Z i dropped my phone afterthat a small crack in one inch above display in that area touch is not working and iam not able to drag notifications in that now iam confusing that what i have to change either screen or touch remaing part the touch is working fine. can u tell u that what u have to change as early as possible.

  159. retu says:

    I am using a Nokia 6300 and my memory card is asking for a password which I did not have previously. before updating the software.pls suggest something.

  160. Andy Stevens says:

    My cheap S4 Samsung from China was working perfectly for 3 weeks, then my contacts stopped working…which meant I couldn’t dial any numbers. I had to do a hard factory reset. Now the phone is not reading my sim card. Anyone can help?

  161. Godzilla says:

    I need to buy a smartphone with budget less than Rs 9000 I like playing lot of games ,using apps, watching movies and taking pictures please suggest some mobiles

  162. shannon says:

    this question is about the Verizon moto g cell phone. when powering the device on I can get any sound as with my other smart phones the Verizon tone played. I went into phone settings, cant seem to find the problem?

  163. tiana says:

    I recently bought HTC desire U. Its only been 2 weeks and my phone dosent work anymore. it just went off by itself and now its not working. so can you please tell me whats wrong with my phone??

  164. Sean says:

    I just got new phone Nokia 625 and put in SIM card. I can’t make calls as it says no service. I imagine it’s because I have to enter pin puk or birth numbers but where and how do I do it????

  165. Peter says:

    Hi there Is there a reasonable priced smartphone with a high sensitivity satellite receiver? I want to replace my Garmin GPS with a ph and mapping app.

    1. harshit says:

      I have also done the same.
      So which launcher you are using now.
      If no one then your phone must be showing black display and notification bar.
      Reply to get solution

  166. KM bhaskaran says:

    My Samsung Monte GTS 5620 Mobile shows charging when charger is connected but shows low battery the moment charger is disconnected cuts off.Reason and remedy?

  167. Jayce says:

    Ok here’s a question. I live in the usa and I am looking at buying a phone from the uk. In the description it says it works in the USA (triband). Does this mean the 4G/LTE will work as well? Or will I just get crappy edge?

  168. John says:

    We have simple Samsung phones with Hits (Spanish Vodophone) sim cards. Recently experienced problems with the phones taking more than an hour to connect to the vodophone system when arriving at UK airports. Makes it very difficult to contact car hire or family. Why and do we need to change the sim cards?

  169. Yadwinder says:

    Hi i am using micromax unite 2 Mobile phone. It has 8gb internal memory and i had put a 1gb micro sd card in it. The problem is that if i want to install a game greater than 1gb from playstore it shows insufficient space error. This is because it is downloading the data in sd card. But i want it to download to internal memory so error could occur . Please could u suggest some ways how to do it

  170. Jan St Andrew Gray says:

    I have a boost mobile maxx and want to know why im not recieving text back from other people …. They do not have me blocked somehow my text are getting hung up can some one help plz

  171. Mikejc29 says:

    I have a Nokia 6300i cradle connected to my cars sound and voice receiver system. Can it be removed and have a Samsung Galaxy S4 bracket mounted to use the same sound relay system?

  172. Sean says:

    I have a moto e it doesn’t take a sim but I want to change my phones my moto e takes a strip type sim how do I switch from the chip to the strip

  173. Shubham jain says:

    I just got xiaomi mi 4.
    On back of the box processor mentioned is qualcomm snapdragon MSM8274AC, but when i checked with cpu z it says qualcomm snapdragon MSM8974 AC PRO.. could u please tell me if its genuine or not.

  174. priya says:

    i just wanted to know that..any micromax battery can be used for any micromax phone? or else..there is a specific battery for each and every single phone?

  175. Seán says:

    I have bought a Nokia from Tesco’s and I accidentally copied all my contacts onto my sim. How do I get the contacts back onto the phone?? (I don’t know the numbers!)

  176. cyra says:

    hi i have a phone and the brand is intex neo i connected it to our pc after i copied some files in the pc my phone’s file’s can’t be opened it anly says ‘file not supported’ how can i fix this? pls. help me

  177. Rajesh Gowda says:

    hey guys… I have one new micromax unit 2 mobile, when I was think to call, its start tooo noise(!@#$%^&*!!!!!), what to do guys… I have lot of tension!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  178. Nisha says:

    I have micromax canavas A1 mobile phone when I pick any image and save any images like whatsapp images it shows insert memory card or your memory card run out of storage delete some files. what I am do please guide me.

  179. Rich says:

    Hello.I have a Lumina 735.How do I get call received from someone to show each call separately with the time and date.I’ll get 5 calls from 1 person and the phone will just show the person called 5 times.No time or dates are shown.I checked settings but didn’t see a answer.

  180. Julie Pearson says:

    My daughter had a cubot x10 for Christmas. It’s worked fine up to now but it’s just turned itself off & now there’s no power to it at all & won’t even turn on. Does anyone have any ideas what the problem might be pls? I’ve connected it to the computer & that doesn’t even pick up that a device has been connected

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