Keep in Touch with the BT Calypso 1100 DECT Digital Home Phone Twin

The BT Calypso 1100 DECT digital phone twin is the perfect candidate for your home because it has a superb memory capacity and is very easy to use and is very small plus uses ordinary standard size rechargeable batteries, a very cool feature on this phone is that you can download phone numbers from a SIM card which is very useful indeed which means you do not have to sit there and program each phone number into the phone.

This cordless phone also has wallpapers and polyphonic ringtones and even has 2 games (not bad if you get bored talking to someone).

BT Calypso 1100 Features/Specs
– 600 Minutes Talk Time
– SIM Card Reader
– 50 Number Entries — Call Log Entries
– Caller ID
– Colour LCD Display
– 100 Hours Standby Time
– Backlight
– Speaker Phone
– Redial
– Phone Book Capacity of up to 200 numbers
– Calendar
– Conference Calling
– Intercom
– Call Transfer
– Digital Speech Clarity
– Keypad Lock Function
– Out Of Range Warning
– GAP Compatible

Why not buy a BT Calypso 1100 DECT phone from here
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