Preview of the Sexy LG U400 Music Phone

Oh yes you had the LG Chocolate phone called the LG KG800 and now it looks like we in the UK are going to have another glossy finish on a new sexy mobile phone called the LG U400. This phone looks the part for any everyday use in the mobile world of technology; we have some features for you about this handset such as a DJ Style scroll wheel for easy access to your music.

There are other cool features like Bluetooth and a very smooth slider mechanism to make this phone feel very good indeed, the microSD card slot to store much more. This is an iPod and a mobile phone on steroids it cute, sexy and very fashionable and to make life that little better the phone has cool features.


One thought on “Preview of the Sexy LG U400 Music Phone”

  1. sam flynn says:

    i have this fone and i thnk it is reallt good. i used to go through fones like hot meals and i have had this 1 since 20 oct 2006. i think it is really good because it has a 3player walkman feayure and lots of memory and takes a memory sd card. i think it is grat value for money. go get it !!!!!!!!!!!

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