LG Chocolate Phones are getting a Paint Makeover for 2006

Yes the ever so popular LG KG800 or better known as the Chocolate mobile phone is going to get a 2006 paint makeover with unique handset design and specifications that will just be absolutely stunning for all mobile phone lovers.

LG Electronics who are in top form after their major success with the Chocolate phone have announced their upcoming and international availability new versions of this mobile phone. They say that the release of the handsets will be around Q3 and Q4 of 2006.

These new phones will come in a striking pink colour plus white as well, the first LG KG800 Chocolate phone was the Black Label Premium brand and that was a massive hit with everyone so all we can say is roll on for the new paint job as many will love them.

Let us know have you got the Chocolate appeal? Leave all comments below. Thanks

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