Virgin Lobster 700 TV Mobile Phone

This is the all new tellyphone; no we have not gone mad that is what this is a Tellyphone. This mobile phone called the Virgin Lobster 700 TV does promise to give you a new revolution in technology in the way you watch Television and with this UK’s first mobile phone mobile TV allows you to watch live TV plus allows you to listen to digital radio as well from all the top broadcasters.

This is all possible thanks to the technology of DAB-IP which means Digital Audio Broadcasting Internet Protocol which means also that you do not have to rely on 3G networks. You get to watch TV on the colour 2.2 inch display and this mobile has 128MB of internal memory and expansion slot plus Bluetooth

So you have the TV and you also have a digital radio plus you will also get with the Virgin Lobster 700 TV Windows Mobile 5.0 software with email, internet browsing plus instant messaging and music player just to get you going. This phone also comes with a 1.3 megapixel camera plus recording capabilities as well, we know the camera side of things is only 1.3 megapixel which is not the best in the world but come on who cares you have a TV in your pocket.

The Virgin Lobster 700 TV mobile phone is expected in September 2006 and you can pre order yours here now with exclusive offers at Carphone Warehouse.


19 thoughts on “Virgin Lobster 700 TV Mobile Phone”

  1. Ian says:

    Got to be the best mobile i’ve ever had, its got all the functions you could ever wish for. Its like a mini PC running on Windows XP. DAB radio is fab. Lobster gets a big thumbs up from me!!!

  2. George Dodds says:

    I originally bought it because it was on a really cheap special offer and because it was a new gadget to play with.

    But after using it, it really is a good phone and the dab radio is excellent.

    Shame it doesnt have more internal memory though.

  3. Splyff says:

    Bobby Cool
    “this phone is very very crap”

    The only “crap” thing round here is Bobby’s magnificent utilisation of the English language.

  4. Stuart says:

    My mate just bought the 700TV from Bid Up TV. Initially I was dubious about many of the things being sold on that programme, but the quality of the phone is fantastic.

    Also, MICRO SD is being sold in TECO’s ( 1GB £35:00 )

  5. paul says:

    this phone is ace and people needs to grow up who ever say it is crap. it has a tv what more do you want it has msn radio bue tooth and a sd card slot

  6. paul says:

    this phone is ace and people needs to grow up who ever say it is crap. it has a tv what more do you want it has msn radio blue tooth and a sd card slot

  7. Daniel says:

    I Bought this phone because i like the look of it but i dont know what to do with it…i mean yeah its great and all but even a genious would need help if they diddent get anything but the phone and charger… i bought it from a store but they only gave me the phone and charger…no instructions..no headset..no SIM..but it was unlocked so i use my O2.. i cant go on the internet or listin to anything or even watch my fav tv programme because it cant get settings from O2 becuse they dont know how to send the settings onto this phone because it was Originally for Virgin and it allways comes up with something saying i need a Username or Password…This mind is blank with questions to be answerd because idont have anything to help me and the store wont help. Could anyone please tell me what to do? also whats the deal with my phone always switching to Headset when i put it onto Normal and the sound wont come out when i play music, what i do is play the music(when there is no sound) then press the TV Button then press menu then put it on loudspeaker and hey presto it only works for 5mins….–>Need Major Help 🙁 Please…

    Email: Dannyjsp8@hotmail.co.uk

  8. kissi richard says:

    i have virgin lobster 700 tv mobile in ghana and it requires that i insert an unlocking code before it can identify my sim please help me out now.

  9. femi says:

    including me i no fill browse i have virgin lobster 700 mobile am in nigeria my network can not configur it for me to brows how do i do it manualy
    pls how could i do it pls

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