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John Chow Dot Com is a site that would have been featured in today’s site of the day on phonesreview.co.uk but I have already done one of those which is a shame because this site is very good indeed and very informative with a good read factor as well but hey it does not have to be named site of the day I think this one should be site of the week.

John Chow Dot Com

The really cool feature I like about his site is that he has kind of a competition going which is called Review My Blog & Get A Free Linkback where you review his site for the chance of a link back to your own but to tell you the truth this is just to give him publicity but hey baby what a good idea link backs are always good but I am not doing it for that I am doing it to show you what a cool site John Chow Dot Com is.

So what does he have to over well John what do you have to offer? Well for starters what about categories covering reviews from cars to technology and seeing as my site is all about phones I would say that is technology so I would say that this is why I am writing about John Chow Dot Com.

His site is kind of working for him considering he has a Google page rank of 4/10 and Alexa is showing Rank: 3,789|Linking In: 36 which must say impressive yes. When he writes reviews he shows the source which is a good idea which many people do nowadays and see that he writes very well indeed with his readers being allowed to comment on the site as well.

John seems to have got stronger and stronger every day and seems to know what he is doing to become a success no I will change that he is a success story and no I am not chewing but here I just give credit where it is due because I have looked at this John Chow Dot Com and cannot see no mistakes really.

A couple of things I would suggest to him thou not sure if you have thought about this John Chow but what about have a couple of things on the site like “Suggest a Site” and another like “Would you like to write articles for me” this way it gets your readers more interactive to your site.

Phones Review.co.uk overall view — This one should be taken seriously because it is in some parts funny to ready and in some parts very addictive reading the whole site is well laid out. Oh one final thing John would you like to get my site across to people it seems to be growing and growing and I think we really could help each other. Check out John Chow Dot Com Now.

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