Sony Ericsson Z310i Good or Just Plain Poo

The Sony Ericsson Z310i that will be on our UK market soon in 2007 will either turn you on or turn you off, I mean for example will the 0.3 megapixel camera do for you because for me it does not but then it throws Bluetooth in which is good then it has PC synchronization which is getting better. Can it get better or worse?

Sony Ericsson Z310i

This flip phone or clamshell as some call it has an email client which is ok and the looks are and got to admit very nice, the cute and sexy glossy finish that comes in a few colours like black and or pink for example and more.

You can browse the web, this phone is basically your every day phone like we have seen all so many times before, the only difference I see is that you can set the integrated backlights that are programmable for both night or day modes and there are light effects for different caller id (you just link a colour to the contact on your phone. Now that is cool.

Sony Ericsson Z310i

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What are your views on the Sony Ericsson Z310i?


10 thoughts on “Sony Ericsson Z310i Good or Just Plain Poo”

  1. Rosie says:

    I dont have this phone but I was going to get it because it looks amazing, the keypad is so cool, it lights up and you can chose loads of different colours for it! But then I changed my mind because of the lack of features it has, it doesnt even have an mp3 player! If it had more features I would of totaly got it!!!

  2. the question is not who i am the question is who are u i am prince lavijama from the ringydingy heightes of india india india nah dis fone is omg RUBBISH! 🙂 mi opinion any way luv yah x x

  3. sophie says:

    i fink this fone is way kool, it don’t have a mp3 player but it has loads of other kool stuff, u can change the colour of the lights on ur keypad and can take groovy pics and edit them

    u should defo get this fone!!!

  4. Patrick KAMOYANI says:

    Its the worst phone I have owned. Very poor battery. The camera is just the worst. It doesnt have enough memory. However the look is nice. But I wont encourage anybody to buy it.

  5. Ingidi Magada says:

    This phone is not good. No memory slot for additional memory. Sony ericsson should come up with an improved version of the same but with FM radio, video, memory slot, sufficient standby and call time battery. If there is anybody whe wants to buy, please consider some other better types.

  6. tammygirl says:

    hi everyone
    if you are looking to get this phone i would!
    ive got it at the moment and it is even better than the i-phone!the fact is it has all the top features apart from an mp3 player. you can even change the colour of the lights when somrbody calls you.
    good luck with the phone
    from tammygirl

  7. Muhanda Kitulu says:

    Just like other sony ericsson phones, this stupid and useless phone switches itself off without your knowledge. You think you are connected yet the thing is off. It has poor battery. At sometime when you close the lid it goes off. Please never buy a sony ericsson you will regret. Buy better models like nokia or samsung. I decided to throw it away in a river.

  8. abbs says:

    I loved this phone when I very first got it but it kept getting slower and slower, and froze once and a while then the camera barley worked, then it finally crapped out and the screen randomly didn’t work anymore

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