Apple iPhone may be up Against Meizu M8

The Apple iPhone could have a real good contender here, oh boy here we go again, Jack Wong who is CEO for Meizu and Young Su who is the designer have just revealed that the new Meizu M8 which is apparently the new iPhone killer. It looks like North America and Europe will see this pretty soon as well.

Meizu M8 miniOne

We do not know the specific date or price but you will soon enough, The Meizu M8 or shall we say the miniOne which is the real name will have the mobile phone part taken off this one we are afraid, so basically it will only be a audio/video player, it will have 4GB or an 8GB types.

We nearly got excited about this one, bet you did too. Come on stripping the mobile phone capabilities.



5 thoughts on “Apple iPhone may be up Against Meizu M8”

  1. Mark says:

    Oh ya Phillip I bet you own a car. Did the maker just rip off the internal combustion engine from someone else. Did they steel the idea of the steering wheel. Oh ya dont forget the tires I bet they did not think of those first. Why didnt they create something totally new. daaa

    Windows CE is great and supports many 3rd party software. I guess you think Meizu should have written a whole new OS than does not support anything like Java, Flash, etc. They could then lock it down so the consumer could do very little except what you allowed them to do.

    Oh ya Apple already did that. Here is the deal Iphone is great for someone who is not very tech savvy but if you like tinkering and tweaking things and having more options than you will ever use. Meizu M8 will be the way to go. Give me a micro SD slot and maybe 3G and I am set. I cant wait until it comes out.

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