Samsung E250 Black Pay As You Go Mobile Phones

Buying a Samsung E250 is a very good choice and this is on a personal note because I know a few people with one. The Samsung E250 mobile phone has all the technology you need to make calls, listen to music and send messages and much more, but will not bore you too much. This is a camera phone with a great low price tag and yet still remains very stylish indeed.

Samsung E250 Black

This particular slider Samsung E250 mobile phone is in black and of which shown below has specifications to suit all that needs a fashionable, cheap and fully functional phone —

– 32 x 40 mm, 128 x 160 pixels TFT display (65K colors)
– Vibration, polyphonic & MP3 ringtones
– 1000 entries & Photocall phonebook
– 30 dialed, 30 received, 30 missed calls (call records)
– microSD (TransFlash) Card Slot
– GPRS, EDGE, Bluetooth & USB
– T9, FM radio, MP3/AAC/AAC+ player & Java MIDP 2.0
– VGA 640×480 pixels, video(QCIF) Camera
– Organizer, Built-in hands free & Voice memo
– Games
– SMS, EMS, MMS & Email messaging
– WAP 2.0/xHTML
– 10 MB shared memory
– Up to 250 hours standby time
– Up to 5 hours talk time
– 99 x 50 x 13.9 mm
– 80 g

Samsung E250 Black

Prices may vary dependant on which network you choose for example, if you buy from Carphone Warehouse prices start at only £74.95. Below is a list of stores we recommend —

Samsung E250 Black Pay As You Go Mobile Phones
The Carphone Warehouse


66 thoughts on “Samsung E250 Black Pay As You Go Mobile Phones”

  1. sainath says:

    the battery backup of samsung e250 is not so good .As we can use the phone just for receiving and accepting calls ,if you use the mp3 player or fm radio formore than half an hour the battery is down.

    and while charging the display light is always on…

  2. marton says:

    the picture with the phone in the hand is actually showing a d900 – great trick if you are looking to judge e250’s screen appearance…

  3. aisling says:

    im thinking of gettin this phone but i dont know about the camera….it says its just o.3 mega pixels and ive got a pebl now and that has 2 mega pixels…..i really dopnt want a bad camera and the worst ive ever had is 1.3……..does anyone thats had this fone think the camera is bad?

  4. olivia says:

    ye im thinkin of get that fone too i found out that the main differences of the d900 and the e250 is the camera and the e250 has radio but the d900 dosent. can’t wait to get it lmao!

  5. i am also thinking of getting this phone for my birthday, but i dont know if the camera is any gd, coz i have a sony k510i and the cvam is 1.3, but i am also looking at the lobster, but i prefer the e250, it looks better!!
    can anyone help me will my descion

    email : lyles2k_msn@hotmail.co.uk

  6. Fird says:

    I have thought of gettin this phone but i don’t know how much a microsd memory card would be because the internal memory is really low. Is it low? I want to add like 10 songs. Is the memory inside the phone enough?

  7. ewright says:

    to buy a micro sd it cost me £15 for a 1gb
    its a ggreat phone the only problem is the camera it is still gd though nice compact phone with everything u need and more every extra possible i got my phone new and unlocked for £60 at carphone warhouse

  8. jaybee says:

    I bought this phone two days ago and I got a 1Gb SD memory card for under £9 plus a Bluetooth dongle for £4.95 from MobileFun website.

    The phone seemed OK at first but I cannot get it to read from or write properly to the memory card. Card works fine in computer, so it must be phone that is faulty. Bluetooth OK but I am novice at it and I cannot seem to get it to copy from PC to card and phone memory so poor that I would have to copy a couple of songs at a time then move to card – if it worked.

    Camera is ok for emergencies but no good if you want good qualigy print or enlargements etc.

    I think I will be returning phone to Tesco (£45 if you spend £25 in store). May try one more to check out if memory card will work, if not will get refund.

  9. jay says:

    jaybee, for your memory card problem, i had the same thing, exept i did something, and now it works fully, u should still be able to access the memory card through memory status, try deleting some folders in the memory card via your fone then format it via your fone, because my one works perfectly now, and i had the same problem as you before

  10. jaybee says:

    Thanks Jay, I went back to Tesco and was told that as I had the Value pay and go tariff, the memory card would not work. I am now on standard tariff and it seems ok.

    I have not had much time to play around more with it but I seemed to find that if I wanted to transfer songs from PC to phone via bluetooth, I could only transfer to card one at a time. If I wanted to transfer several they would go straight to phone memory and then I would get a message that memory was full after a couple of songs. It is going to take a long time to get the music on the card that way.

  11. Sultan Muhammad says:

    Dear Friends and user of E-250
    I have a problem with this mob when i switch on my mob only show white screen, some time its not working and hanged. please any one advice me what should I do.


  12. Ann says:

    Can anyone tell me how to move music from my pc to the mp3 player?I have transfered tracks using blue tooth but it keeps going into other documents which wont play.

  13. im 12 says:

    its a great phone no problems. all i do to get songs form my computer is use a bluotooth dongle it works fine. if oyur with 02 calls are much cheeper than vodafone

  14. Great little phone…

    …when it’s working. Today it decided to just die, less than 6 months old! The screen has gone all white and although it will take incomming calls, without actually being able to see anything it can’t do anything else.

    The phone was not dropped and was perfectly fine in my coat pocket and working, then 20 mins later when I go to call my sister, bam not working.

    Even with a cheap phone that’s pretty crap, also noticed on a few sites I’m not the first to get this problem…

  15. Emma says:

    I bought this phone and a memory card and I was able to transfer some files to the card. But now when I try to access the files on the card, it continuously says not allowed even through memory status. Does anyone know why this is happening? I don’t think the card is faulty because I could transfer the files the first time i used it.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I’m considering buying this phone as a present for a friend. Is the camera truly awful as they would like it to have a decent camera? I have a Sony Ericsson with very good memory and camera..but I can not afford to buy my friend the same. Is it a good phone to own? my friend currently has one of the old Nokia 3410’s. xx

  17. kareem says:

    to play songs on this phone they must be of an MP3 or .amr formats..
    better use any music format converter on ur pc to do so (convert real audio files ,wav,…to mp3s)
    another hint is to use the memory card reader its much faster & simple..to add music to the sd card..

  18. Rosie says:

    I got this phone for xmas n I love it! It looks gr8! I thought it was going to be quite bulky when I first got it but when I got it I realised it is very slick n slim, much beter than I expected! However it is beginin 2 get a bit slow and without the memory card the memroy is pretty useless! But you can purchase a realy good value for money memory card from the car phone warehouse for only £14! I LOVE THIS PHONE, YOU SHOULD GET IT!

  19. Mike says:

    I really liked the phone to start with as it seemed good value, small and very easy to use. The problems first begin when you realise there is no USB cable to connect the phone to your PC – I thought no more about it and just bought a generic Samsung cable from the shop.

    There is no CD either so downloaded the software from the Samsung site but it produced errors when you try to install it. I tried the XP and the Vista versions on appropriate PCs and got similar errors (CRC error: The file …wmfdist.exe doesn’t match the file in the setup’s .cab file, same issues for GdiPlus.dll and XTP9601LibA.dll).

    I then tried the support desk – I can’t think of anything positive to say here so I’ll say nothing. Eventually I downloaded the software for one of the later phones (a G600) and this installed fine. Sadly it still wouldn’t recognise my phone though the phone does recognise that it’s attached to a PC. I’m now being told that I should get another cable specific to this phone rather than a generic samsung cable.

    I really just wanted a phone I could use, where I could simply load up my contact list and just get going. This doesn’t appear to be the case. It depresses me speaking with the support staff and I hold little hope that the IT department will release anything that works.

    … shame really as I quite liked the phone.

  20. emily says:

    i am having problems with my e250
    I bought it from tesco but i have NO IDEA how to connect it since I havnt got a CD or USB thingy.
    What do i do?
    Someone help please!!

  21. DULI CHAND MENA says:

    the battery backup of samsung e250 is not so good .As we can use the phone just for receiving and accepting calls ,if you use the mp3 player or fm radio formore than half an hour the battery is down. MP3 START AND CLOSED THE MOBILE JUST LOSED THE MP3 WHAT IS THIS.

    and while charging the display light is always on…


  22. DULI CHAND MEENA says:

    SAMSUNG MOBILE E 250 KA SOUND IS VERY POOR LISTING THE MUSICE TIME .the battery backup of samsung e250 is not so good .As we can use the phone just for receiving and accepting calls ,if you use the mp3 player or fm radio formore than half an hour the battery is down. MP3 START AND CLOSED THE MOBILE JUST LOSED THE MP3 WHAT IS THIS.

    and while charging the display light is always on…


  23. jaydeep says:

    I install PC suit . When i connecting it to PC only phone internal memory is showing . My memory card is not showing. When i transfer the songs to internal memory then i shift to memory card. Do we have any alternative. Its a 1 Gb card . In windows it shows format the card throuth card reader . it is showing raw format .

  24. michelle says:

    hello does any one have a coad for the samsung E250 on virgin? i cant get one anywhere and when i did the “W” would not come up on the screen! any idears people?

  25. Ilana says:

    I have the phone, but the sound just went off. And it’s not on silent and all the sound stuff is right! And when someone call me, I don’t hear the person, because the sound is off. So if someone is out there, please help me! Because I also wanna make calls! E-mail me at ilanatheron@hotmail.com! Please help me!

  26. James van Niekerk says:

    Hi there can some one tell me how do I connect my Samsung E250 and my laptop usb to surf the internet using my phone as the modem. I did all the stages where the laptop bluetooth and the phone are paired. What other sttings do I have to do to beable to surf the net.

  27. Tiredofthinking says:

    Hey. I got my samsung E250 for christmas and recently wanted songs from windows media player, so I bought the USB from Ebay. This morning I plugged it in and it went through the installation, but asked me for somewhere to find the software. I don’t have a CD so I looked for somewhere, anywhere to find the software on the computer. I couldn’t find it so it said I couldn’t install it. Its really ticking me off now so I need someone to help me. I’m only 13, so I think someone older and wiser may know what I need to do to install the USB. help.

  28. flame says:

    The USB for this phone is actually v1.1. try asking someone with this type of USB Cable.. I’m really a big fan of samsung…. and I’m really planning to have this PHone! I hope I don’t get the same problems when I buy it… ^___^

  29. KArean says:

    Hi, i’m suppose to be getting this phone for chirstmas but i have been bugging my parents and i’m getting it today.. hope that i like it….
    How much does the MicroSD cost?? AUS

  30. Julia says:

    Very trusty phone, slim so can fit in your pocket and a large screen 🙂

    Doesn’t come with a usb lead, so get a usb dongle to link up with the bluetooth on your comp to transfer files, they’re really cheap on somewhere like amazon. Also you will probably need a memory card as the phone can only hold about one song but these are quite cheap aswell.

    Battery life isn’t too bad but can’t play music or talk for a very long time. This phone has served me well, although recently the screen and buttons have stopped working due to water damage,

  31. Patrick says:

    I am getting this phone in about 2 days but according to the reviews it doesn’t seem that good.

    I hope that it gets better!!!

    If you can give me any tips about my new phone could you email me???

  32. Daniela says:

    I love my e25O but..this is nt a very good ph quality wise. After having it for about 4 months it just decided to white screen on me. i have to get it repaired and wen we went to vodafone to get an opionion the lady said that they’ve been having loads of people coming in with this phone with the same thing, my friends with e25Os qot it too 🙁 its an e25O prone thinq and pretty much EVERY e25O gets it. Is it worth it???

    overall i LOVE my qorqeous rose-pink e25O buht th’ white screen is a serious downer on the product =(

  33. Wrighty says:

    I love my phone but I hate the message tones which are provided and I can’t find an option to add another tone.

    Does anyone know of any way to change these to one I like?

  34. GettingOmniaHD!!!!!! says:

    Ive had this phone since August 2007. First of all, it has a 1.3MP camera, not 0.3MP. Second of all, this phone hasn’t gone all white screen on me yet. Also, the phone stores 3 songs, without a memory card, even when uve saved pics, videos etc. All in all, its a pretty good and reliable phn for its price and i feel attached to it……which is a shame! Im getting The samsung omnia hd. CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  35. i have just ordered this phone which will be with me on wednesday but am a bit conerned about reviews but i only need the phone for back up and texting so i hope i have bought the right one!!!!! ahahaha!!!!!

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