Motorola W375 Compact Stylish Mobile Phone

The Motorola W375 is a stunning and stylish looking mobile phone and some of the features are pretty cool, there are some flaws with this phone but hey the style counteracts that. The flip designed phone has a built in digital camera (VGA only) and an FM
stereo, MP3 and polyphonic ring tones and also has a mobile internet browser.

Motorola W375 Pink

The talk time is around 450 minutes and standby time of 250 hours; look below at some of the other specifications —

More Motorola W375 Specifications —
– 3 Built-in Games
– Tri-Band
– Hands free Speakerphone
– 99 x 45 x 18.6 mm – 88 grams
– Vibration
– miniUSB, WAP 2.0/xHTML, 1.5 MB shared memory
– SMS, EMS & MMS messaging
– – FM radio – iTap (T9) — Organizer — Calculator – Built-in hands free

Motorola W375

Phones Review Good Points — Really nice looking compact mobile phone that has fashion and style written all over it, also the prices for these Motorola W375 mobile phones are very cheap indeed and well worth the buy.

Phones Review Bad Points — There is NO Bluetooth, NO card slot, NO GPRS, NO 3G or WLAN or Infrared port Or EDGE plus there is NO HSCSD. But other than these bad points the Motorola W375 is a very good functional mobile handset.

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If you own a Motorola W375 or you know someone that has, please do let us know what the phone is like? Thankyou so much.


19 thoughts on “Motorola W375 Compact Stylish Mobile Phone”

  1. Aaron says:

    This phone is pretty minimalistic, so if you don’t use much other functions like bluetooth it’s a pretty good phone. However the storage space is really little since of the shared space it only gives you 500kb or .5mb. It doesn’t require you to install a driver to connect to the computer which is pretty convenient but I don’t think it came with the miniUSB line, but they’re pretty common so it wasn’t a problem for me. The camera quality is pretty bad but it’s good as much as you paid for it.

  2. I cant connect this mobile to my computer! It’s very big problem. I cant search driver to install it to my computer on the internet. Can anyone tell me how to connect it ??? Thanks!

  3. Mark Rules says:

    I downloaded a compatitble mobile phone version of TETRIS onto my computer… Is there a way to make it run on my w375 or will i have to enable WAP etc???

  4. Poose says:

    You can only download 500kb of music onto the ph. Which is way less than a song. You can download music packs by googling something like ‘download free motorola mp3 ringtones.’ then youll get a file full of little music clips… but that didnt work for me seeing as i hate top40 b.s. Nero premium has a wave editor so you can truncate mp3s on your computer yourself.

  5. Nai says:

    well i just got my w375 and its really giving me a lot of trouble because i want to add music to it and i can’t do so can anyone please tell me how to do this? however i think that its kinda kool. cause of the appearance n’ fm feature, altho its prettty sux by having no blue tooth.. pliz can i get a reply as soooon as possible thanxx!

  6. Poose says:

    the phone only has like 500kb of memory so a whole song wont fit on the phone u fool:p argh… man ive already written a reply on this already Nai read the thread first idiot

  7. smuggs says:

    Its a phone you ponces, not an mp3 player. If you wanna listen to music then buy a feckin iPod, or down-sample the track you wont notice the difference from the crappy little speakers in a phone.
    Oh, its a nice phone by the way, for £30 I aint complaining.

  8. jack says:

    i want to download games from computer to mobile through the usb but when i did that i didnt find the game on the mobile but it took some meomery any one could tell me how to find it as soon as possible pleassssssssss

  9. jack says:

    i want to download games form computer to mobile through the usb but when i did that i didnt find the game on the mobile but it took some meomery any one could tell me how to find it as soon as possible pleassssssssss

  10. Christine. says:

    so i was wondering something. i’m thinking about gettin this phone through net 10… do any of you know if it plays actaul songs for ringtones. it doesn’t have to be the full song, but just part of it is fine with me. but i’m just wanting to know that, because if all it plays in that poly crap, i’m not buying it. or maybe i will. but i’ll be greatly dissappointed…

  11. shihab's girl says:

    omg ma dad is gettin dis phone 4 me 4 ma b – day i read alot of reviews and it aint all dat. But i’m sure it’s way better den da v3i oh well maybe i can sell it behind his baq wish me luck!!!! : ] $$$$$$ !!!!
    by da way wat can u do with only 500kb of storage 4 photo’s and music ??? WEIRD

  12. twilight says:

    Just got two of these. Was unable to get the USB to work to get photos off the camera onto the computer. Emailed Net 10 support, they say it has intentionally been disabled. I refuse to pay to get my OWN PHOTOS off my phone. Can I get the phone unlocked and make it work and still stay with Net 10? If anyone is on Net 10 and actually has been able to make it work, please email me at disposable9 on gmail.

    To Christine, you can convert partial MP3’s to work on it, but you can’t get them onto the phone unless you pay. Good luck.

  13. Anasua Chakravarti says:

    I have no idea how to do anything atall. The phone sucks!!!!!
    I live in UAE and bought this cell. It includes no installation disc. I dont have a clue why this phone even has a camera. Whats worth having a camera on ur cell that you cannot connect to ur PC to transfer the photos?
    Its totally useless I say. I have to click pics and later delete them from my ccell without transfering em to my PC in order to click more pics.
    I cant even send the pics as an MMS to a phone which has bluetooth.
    It just got apparent style but seriously again, IT SUCKS BIG TIME!!!!!

  14. Anasua Chakravarti says:

    I tried over a million times to connect to the comp na deverytome my comp asks for an istallation disc. What exactly am I supposed to do?

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