Philips VoIP 841 DECT cordless phone with Skype

The Philips VoIP 841 is yes as it says a VoIP phone with Skype within, the good thing and the main thing about the VoIP 841 phone is that you DO NOT need a PC/laptop to use it. This mobile cordless phone is technology at its best for the modern world and without relying on a computer makes life so much easier for us.

You can do Skype calls, regular PSTN calls and SkypeOut calls, other words find your Skype contact on the Philips VoIP 841 press the call button and away you go. The main KEY features of this Philips phones is that you can use Skype freely (No need to have your PC on), Installation free (no set up rubbish), See your contacts in color on the LCD display and call Skype or landline mode.

Philips VoIP 841 Information —
– Router or Modem Router
– High speed Internet connection
– 1 Free LAN port
– Skype Certified
– 135 grams Handset
– 152x48x28 mm Handset
– 113x53x135 mm Base station
– 220 grams Base station
– Ethernet cable 2m long
– Charger, 2 power supplies, 2 AAA NiMH batteries
– Quick Start Guide & CDROM user guide manuals
– 120 SkypeOut minutes in box
– Extra 500 SkypeOut minutes voucher
– Price – £ 129.00 from Skype

Source – Skype


26 thoughts on “Philips VoIP 841 DECT cordless phone with Skype”

  1. Adrian Stanley says:

    Q1: As a skype phone… anywhere that you have a connection to the internet (subject to being blocked by firewalls). As a landline phone, you could use it anywhere in place of a regular landline handset – it is just a phone with an ethernet connection and a standard phone connection.

    Q2: You need a landline connection to use this to make landline calls but if you just wanted to use this for SKYPEout /SKYPEIN – no problems… I’d probably recommend going with SKYPE PRO looking at the info on their website – get the whole package. biggest issue is that you can’t make 999 calls over SKYPE!

    Q3: it’s a standard digital cordless phone that can be used to either make phone calls via a standard landline or via the internet. So mobile up to 10m-300m form base station depending on obstructions!

    Q4: I’ve seen it at around £99 on home-phones.co.uk. However, on SKYPE’s site, you get it with 6 months SKYPE PRO subscription thrown in!…… and you can get a twin for £129 (compared with £190).

  2. Leonidas Athanasopoulos says:

    Is it possible to use multiple handsets on the same base? An d if yes, is it possible to transfer a phone call from one handset to another?

    Thank you.

  3. Maurice says:

    Hi this looks really good but i have one question that knowone seems to talk about…Can this be used with a computer also so that i can do video calls sometimes.Or is it only usable without a pc using the built in software??

  4. chris says:

    I’ve had my phone for a week. So far:
    1.) no volume control is a huge minus. Some callers will saturate the built in speaker. others will be quite. The mic is very sensitive as well, so callers might request you not talk so loud.
    2.) poor audio compared to using PC.
    3.) for me, both my skype phone and skype PC app will ring at the same time. Seems this may not be universal though.
    4.) Doesn’t remember login info or added contacts. Rearranged a room and unplugged the base station and lost my contacts and login info. The phone asks if I would like to save the login info, so this may be a temporary issue.

    (this is in the US, so I have no caller ID)

  5. Roberto Paz says:

    I have my Voip 841 but it frequently “system is starting up” and it gives no singal for skype (I can make landline phone calls though). How can I solve this problem?

  6. Das Jay says:

    I’ve had this Philips VOIP phone for 4 months. We bought it so we could have a fully portable and ringtone mutable phone as we have a toddler who needs his sleep!!! The phone has been AWESOME!!!! It works just as advertised and we have already paid for the relatively high capital outlay in purchasing by saving on our phone bills!!! No technical problems at all (in the UK…) and I can highly recommend it. Well done Philips and Skype…

  7. Joel says:

    @ Chris.

    You can control volume by pressing the up or down button while call is in progress.

    @ John

    It also happens to me… but I did the ff to fix it:

    Un-plug your 841, take out the battery and replug it again.


    You can reset the 841 to factory settings… check the manual for the master password.

  8. nick says:

    rubbish! – had to reboot the base station regularly. continually got message ‘system starting up’ . menu, clumsy, cumbersome and difficult to use. unable to use tone dialling when such a call.
    various unknown symbols appear on the tiny display which are impossile to define. expensive for poor audio quality.

    ps don’t use normal batteries in it. ours stopped recharging and then the mrs fried the handset with normal batts

  9. Eric says:

    I’ve had the Philips 841 installed for a little over four months now with no problems whatsoever.

    If you’re prepared to read the instructions and follow them accordingly, the phone performs brilliantly.

    Comments re using ‘normal’ betteries really only serve to confirm my previous point. The 841 instructions explicitly point out that ONLY rechargeable cells are to be used.

    So far this ‘phone has saved me about five times the purchase cost in international calls alone.


  10. Juan says:

    I just bought this phone and started using it. The landline calls are all right, however skype doesn’t seem to be working so well. When I use skype for calls, people hear me but I can’t hear them at all. It doesn’t seem to be a volume issue since I make landline calls with no problems.
    Does anyone know how I could fix this??

  11. Carole says:

    Have had my phone for about four months. It worked ok for about two weeks and since then am unable to access the Skype facility. It keeps saying ‘unavailable’. I have read the rules many times and as with other people have to keep rebooting the base station.

    The only reason I bought this phone was for the Skype side of it and now it doesn’t work – anyone any ideas and if not has anyone sent theirs back and got it mended or a refund?

    Also I am unable to hear anyone when they call me on the landline and there seems to be no volume control.

  12. A good phone while it worked. The phone it’s self packed up after 11 months and 30days. The web supplier refused to accept the phone back stating it was outside the guarantee period and referred me to Philips. They accepted that the phone was un-reparable and initially agreed to replace it. Three month later and 40 telephone calls to Philips I still have no phone. Don’t do business with Philips they promise everything but do nothing.

  13. Vats says:


    We had voltage issue recently at our house. Afterwards, the instrument is not working.. blank. in fact, i changed the battery and for sometime it was asking me to check the base power though everything was ok. any troubleshooting ideas..

  14. Alan says:

    Hi,I think this phone is rubbish. The sound quality on either landline of Skype, is absolute crap. there is a constant crackling noise in the background, this even happens when there are no other electrical or radio gadgets nearby. I am sorry I payed good money for this product.

  15. Damian says:

    This phone suddenly won’t let me make calls. I try to call a number and it comes up as unavailable. Almost every function on the phone comes with unavailable message now.

    Anyone know what the master password is so I can try to reset it? I don’t have the manual as the phone was given to me from a friend.

  16. hmmm… ok.
    I was originally thinking “wouldn’t it be great if I could get a voip/internet ready phone that would work with my voip plan, skype and maybe get my email and FB friends status (novel i know – sic Chumby!)… but now as I ready… I’m thinking damn… ‘reboot my phone’, ‘master reset button’, ‘config’… what’s next? phone hacks? scripting? mods? passwords?

    I just want to plug it in, enter my wifi key, email addy, skype id… maybe FB creds etc… (like chumby) and off to the races.

    but now I’m so sure. this technology could still be several years out. I hate being the tester.

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