LG Cherry Chocolate or also known as VX-8500, 8500, KD-800

The LG Cherry Chocolateâ„¢ or also known as the LG VX-8500, LG 8500 and KD-800 is one of those pretty phones, the cherry colour does stand out somewhat, but hey if that’s what you like then you go ahead. To tell you the truth the more we look at it the more it grows on us, the spec side of this phone are not that bad either.

LG Cherry Chocolate

Starting off with a 5-Way Navigation plus 1.3 megapixels Digital Camera with 2x Digital Zoom & Flash, Bluetooth technology and much more, read full specs below.

LG Cherry Chocolate Specifications —
– CDMA 850/1900 MHz
– Backlit Illumination & Illuminated Keypad
– Voicemail Key
– Any Key Answer
– 500 Entry Phone Book Capacity
– Auto Answer
– Photo Caller ID
– Voice Activated Dialing
– Polyphonic, MP3 Ringtones
– Downloadable Ringtones
– Distinctive Ring
– Vibration Alert
– TFT 240 x 320 pixels QVGA Display (262k)
– Bluetooth Compatible Headset
– External Volume Control
– Color effects, night mode, self-portrait mirror, self-timer, night mode & white balance
– MPEG4 Streaming
– Audio Playback
– MP3, WMA Player
– Video Playback
– Web Browsing
– SMS, EMS, MMS, Chat (AIM, MSN, and Yahoo!)
– Predictive Text Entry T9
– High Speed Data Connectivity – 1xRTT, EVDO
– Brew Applications
– Personal Information Management (PIM)
– Email
– Currency Converter, Calendar, To-Do-List, Stop Watch, Address Book, Memo Pad, Alarm & Calculator
– Voice Commands
– PC Synchronization
– Keypad Lock
– Bluetooth
– Games
– MicroSD Expansion Slot
– 384 hours Standby Time
– 210 minutes Talk Time
– 100 grams
– 9.7 x 4.8 x 1.8 cm


7 thoughts on “LG Cherry Chocolate or also known as VX-8500, 8500, KD-800”

  1. britt says:

    i got this phone about a month ago. very dissapointed. at first, i was very impressed and so happy to get this phone. I am dissapointed in the features but i LOVE the red color!! anyway the phone has a loud speakerphone and easy to navigate music player. However, the touch screen just gets plain annoying!!! i would rather have a free phone from verizon with nothing at all at this point just to get rid of the touch screen! the phone gets easily scratched up and is VERY fragile. I feel like if i slide it too hard, the whole top will slide right off! Dissapointment. Dont waste your time on this phone. I cant last a month with it. Go for a different one.

  2. worst phone!!! says:

    worst phone!!! I bought this LG 800 near 2 month ago. it couldn’t receive signal sometimes, so, I sent it for repairation, waited for 5 weeks; the problem is there still. This is my whole 7 weeks experience with it: 2 weeks usage without signal reception frequently, and 5 weeks’ for reparing nothing; Since I have a 3 years contract with Bell and I exceeded the minutes for return and exchange, the seller told me the best thing they can do is to send it for reparation again… so, I have to wait for another 5 weeks again… maybe again and again… for 3 years…….

  3. Crimsin says:

    I had my phone going on 3 months and I love it!!!!! When I first got it I loved getting use to my phone. It was kinda a challenge the first 2 hours, hehehe. It was fun. Now I have it down pack now. I know I dropped it like 3-4 times already but it still acts the way it should to me.

  4. i just got this phone yesterday … and im prettie impressed but im not so sure how it will deffinatly go.

    i mean my friend has one and she loved it at first and then she said they sucked and she kept having to repair it because something with that phone is messed up and it keeps getting recalled. but idk i like it. and i LOVE the color (=

  5. Jessica says:

    I purchased this phone in December of 2006 so almost a year ago. I am having so much trouble with it! The touch buttons only work when they want to. You begin to scroll and it doesnt stop. When you first open your phone it will automatically open your recent calls and call the last person you called. If you try to send text messages it will send before you are even done. They have sent it away to be repaired twice but they will not replace it. NEVER GET THIS PHONE

  6. lucy says:

    heya i lyk REALLY love the sound of this phone and the look but the comment s are really worring me coz i really lyk this phone, but wt is the point if it just keeps breaking :(:( plz reply if any finks this fone is worth the money plzzz!!!!

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