Nokia 6500 Slide Unveiled: 3.2 Megapixel Mobile

The Nokia 6500 Slide which has just been unveiled by Nokia is a phone well worth a thought or two. The 6500 Slide is a 3G mobile phone with a stunning 3.2 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics and 8x digital zoom, it also has a dual LED flash and makes the Nokia 6500 handset a good choice and auto focus.

Nokia 6500 Slide

The Nokia 6500 Slide will be released in Q3 of 2007 for around about 370 euros. The looks of this phone is great to the eye with its stainless steel body.

Nokia 6500 Slide Specifications —
– UMTS / GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
– 2.2 Inch TFT Display with 16 million colours/240 x 320 pixels
– MP3 & Polyphonic (64 channels) Ringtones
– Vibration
– 20 received, 20 missed calls, 20 dialed (Call Records)
– microUSB
– 3G 384 kbps

Nokia 6500 Slide Open

– Bluetooth v2.0
– GPRS Class 11, 53.6 kbps
– EDGE Class 10, 236.8 kbps
– 20 MB Internal Memory with microSD (TransFlash) Card Slot
– Email, Instant Messaging, MMS, SMS
– 3.2 MP 2048×1536 pixels Camera with Carl Zeiss optics, secondary QCIF videocall camera, autofocus, flash and VGA Video
– HTML (Opera mini) & WAP 2.0/xHTML Browser
– Games
– FM radio with RDS

Nokia 6500 Slide Side

– T9, Calendar, Push to talk, Calculator, Voice memo, TV out & Built-in handsfree
– Java MIDP 2.0
– MP3/AAC/AAC+ player
– Up to 310 hours standby
– Up to 6 hours talk time
– 96.5 x 46.5 x 16.4 mm
– 125 grams

Nokia 6500 Slide Downsides — NO WLAN & NO Infrared Port, other than these 2 this phone is the nuts. Do you like the Nokia 6500 Slide or is the Nokia 6500 Classic the one for you?

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67 thoughts on “Nokia 6500 Slide Unveiled: 3.2 Megapixel Mobile”

  1. rich says:

    the slide is a much higher spec than the standard classic.
    im the manager of an orange shop and i have a total hard on for the 6500 slide. ive always been a samsung man but this phone has single handedly converted me to nokia, and with the g600 and k850i being out there that is a fudging miracle

  2. karthe says:

    Could anyone tell whether slide is good or the classic one. I planning for slide as it got bigger screen and 3.2 MP camera.

    Can any one who have seen both can giv an idea? Also i need to know whether battery is good in this series and i dont want to get disappointed as nokia 6300 did.

  3. Charles Burrell says:

    Well I have tested alots of this Cellphones,IThey call Love Gadget’s Dude,The 6500 Slide is the BOMB i love the steel feeling and Slide sound everytime i check my cell,is just what i need.Normally i change my cell with in 5 days if i am not happy with functions.Join the Slidecell Club Rnjoy.

  4. To Alicja,

    If your using the Nokia 6500 Slide on the top of the mobile there’s a little black eject button. Press this button to releases the catches.

    On the back of the phone whilst holding the button pull at the top of the casing to remove.

    Hope this is helpful!

  5. This is my 1st mobile phone in three years. So far so good only had it a day but everything is easy accessible, handling is comfortable and design is quality both by its looks and by its manufacture.

  6. Jun says:

    Aesthetically, a nice looking slim phone, though, nokia has some way to go to match samsung, in looks.
    For a multimedia phone using Nokia’s S40 ED 5. operating system, I’d say the best buy cos the S60 symbian based Operating systems used largely in the N Series Nokia phones are a complete pain in the a**, (frustratingly slow).
    For a 3.2 Mpix Camera Phone and Mp3/FM player with 4 GB Max storage capacity, i’d say nice configuration (way up there).
    Battery life is decent during normal data/voice usage. Should comfortably serve u 2 days between each charging cycle. (Not the best option for heavy voice/data users/music listeners).

    The truly ugly side of Nokia 6500 Slide would be its transceiver capability, which could have been worked on a little better by Nokia.
    If the mode selected is automatic 3G or GSM, you’d find the phone exhibiting extremely poor reception capabilities. And If you were to manually set the phone to GSM only mode, even then, if the phone is not in a network coverage area that is strong, it struggles to stay online. Fortunately, havent experienced call drops so far.
    It appears, the phone just goes on its own trip searching for a network every once in a while.
    Multimedia apart, the basic function of a mobile phone should be served well, especially for the amount one pays for the phone.

    Had Nokia worked on its transceiever capabilities a little better, would’ve rated it 8.5 on 10. In its current state 7/10.

  7. alex says:

    Am Nokia fan, I had Nokia n70, but i have just received my 6500 slide guys its beutiful, I did not sleep the first time. everything is just pure but what i like more about this phone is its stainless steel cover is perfect!!

  8. leanne says:

    i’ve had the nokia 6500 slide fot a few weeks now but not sure if i made the right choice!!! really like the n95 black and the lg viewty, but does anyone thing that the nokia 6500 slide is better?! if so can u please say why?
    also re: the gprs on the phone although its always set to when needed, the count timer for it is still going,does this mean that im still connected and will be charged for this? please help

  9. Dyana says:

    hi, can anybody tell me if i was to get nokia 6500 on the 3g network, will i be able to unlock the fone and use other network sims? Also will i be able to use the 3g sim on other unlocked fones? please let me know asap

  10. DARREN says:

    just ordered my nokia 6500 slide what a deal i got 500 mins and unlimited texts for £25 A month

    was told that i could only use up to 4gb memory card tho just to let use know not to buy an 8gb one

  11. Josh says:

    I’ve had this phone for a couple of months now on the 3 network. It’s a great looking phone with solid build quality and a good sized screen. Although it’s a little bigger than a lot of the slimline phones out there, it’s still small enough and light enough to carry around in your pocket.

    It has all the features you’d expect, great camera, great music player etc.Although Nokia’s have a reputation for being easy to use with straightforward menu’s, having used this phone for 2 months now, I actually prefer the Sony Ericsson menu system.

    The first problem I encountered was when trying to insert a new memory card. The little metal clip that holds it in place is very fragile and won’t clip back into place properly once the card is in, although it does still hold the card in place, just about.

    The major faults with this phone are the lousy battery and signal reception. Nokia claim it has over 300 hours standby and 6 hours talktime but even when I don’t use it very often I’m still having to charge it every couple of days. Although it does give you a couple of warnings when the battery is low, it tends to die suddenly. The battery on my previous Sony Ericsson used to cling on for ages, even when it was down to just 5% power and with average use I would only have to charge it once every 5 or 6 days.

    What’s even worse is the reception. The signal constantly fluctuates between weak and absolutely nothing. Call quality is extremely poor. Callers sound echo-ey and there’s usually a faint buzzing sound. Often callers struggle to hear what I’m saying. At first I thought it was a network problem but having spoken to 3, they say it’s a common problem with this phone.

    How on earth can a major player like Nokia, who you would think know a thing or two about mobile phones, create such a gorgeous looking phone but forget to actually make it useable?! Surely the main purpose of a mobile PHONE is to be able to make and receive PHONEcalls!!

    If you’re thinking of getting one of these…..think again.

  12. Etonica says:

    I purchased the phone 2 days ago…the phone keeps hanging and it doesn’t recognize the memory card sometimes…any of you guys who has the same concerns?

  13. zahra says:

    jus got the 6500 slide in black. Its a handsome phone. When recieve call though i did find it was echoey. I must say i still prefer my old phone n73. If you decide to get this phone you probaly wont be dissapointed by its looks and all..will update again once used more….

  14. Mike S says:

    Just got Nokia 6500 slider (renewed contract)- contracted 18 mths – £15 month inclusive vat with 500 minutes any network anytime. Good deal I thought.

  15. mark says:

    had this fone for bwt a week n it really bugs me when people start slaggin it of . when first opening your phone you shoud put the battery in and let it charge without the phone being turned on this will increase the battery life greatly.as previously owning a n95 which is a great phone i have to say so far im likeing this 1 a bit more much mure slim and stylish .

  16. Kam says:

    Guy’s & Girls, all of you who are complaining about battery dying to quickly. Have to think about what you use your phone for I have a 6300 and will be upgrading to 6500 slide tomorrow. I use my phone for internet, music and playing games. When using your phone to go on the internet it does consume alot of battery life even when playing games on the handset it consumes a lot of the battery life. I also have an N82 I dont use it alot apart from making calls the battery life on that is good simply because it is not used alot. Bottom line is that its not the battery that is poor it very much depends on how much your phone is used and what it is used for use your phone alot then the battery is bound to get drained quicker, use it very little or sometimes you will find that you dont need charge it every few days.

  17. Kam says:

    Here’s an experiment y’all can try. Only use your phone to make calls nothing else and you quickly understand what I am trying to say in my last post.

  18. Kam says:

    I have had this fone before but decided to send it back simply because I wanted to see what the fuss was about on the blackberry heard it was a good I went for the blackberry perl but sent it back cos I thoughht it wasnt all that wanted to go for the blackberry Curve but t-mobile didnt have that in stock I could have gone into a shop to pick it up but then I would have been stuck with it so I decided to go for the 6500. I am also interested in the 6220 but due to not knowing when it will be out I thought Id go with 6500.

  19. Kam says:

    David, my advice to you is get the 6500 slide if you dont like it you can always return it and get a phone you like (if you get the phone from your network operator then they give you a 7 day trial period where you can mess about with the phone if you dont like it you can return it) I have started my upgrade with 6500 slide, wanted to go for blackberry pearl so sent 6500 slide back, didnt like blackberry pearl wanted to go for blackberry curve but was sent a blackberry 8700 which I immediatel returned as it wasnt the phone I wanted, then went for 6500 classic, found that too simple sent that back and am getting 6500 slide tomorrow. I may end up sending that back if the 6220 comes out. That looks like a decent phone. Also it depends on you to if you like the 6500 and want it then go for it if not decide on what you want another thing I advice you on is go into a shop to have feel/play about with phone then if you like it then simply upgrade from your network. I wouldnt advice you to get a handset from the shops your stuck with it if you do because they wont take it back where as getting a handset from your network provider gives you freedom to try the phone out and also if you dont like the handset tell them and they will send you a prepaid bag where you send it back. As simple as that.

  20. raj says:

    hi guys ,i jus bght 6500 slide phone, its awesome phone, apart from back cover,every thing in the phone is good,i check the battery life nd camera auto focus…its amazing !

  21. Nawty says:

    Bought this abt 2 months ago and though its a good fone, its got its disadvantages. I decided to upgrade my memory card to 4GB and now im having lots of problems with. It freezes a lot and sometimes it doesnt recognise the card.Yes it also loses network a lot. Ive returned it once for repairs cos it was just switching off on its own, I ended up losing all my phone numbers in it cos I couldnt make a back up before sending it back, still the problem is reccuring. Tommorrow I am going to a Nokia shop to have it repaired again cos now its jus pissing me off.

  22. Emma says:

    Hi my phone has stopped displaying received messages and missed calls, I just get the symbol at the top – does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks!

  23. Cas says:

    I just received my nokia6500. Looks great. But I am having a problem with loading msn on my mobile phone, with 3 network. It allows me to sign in successfully and continues on to load contact details. But it never seem to go beyond that. Wonder if anyone can help me?

  24. kshitij aggarwal says:

    i want some more information of nokia 6500 and other sets of nokia and also with their cost.please mail me these informations on my e-mail id(kshitij_2050@yahoo.in)

  25. stacey says:

    phone is rubbish.. bought the phone and always havin problems.. rubbish signal.. phone keeps resettin itself 2 original settings.. freezes abit..

  26. John Traynor says:

    Worst ‘phone I’ve ever had! Forget the aesthetics – if you can’t make and receive calls with it – what’s the piont?!!

    Terrible reception, aparently a known fault with this handset!

    As soon as my contract is up in three months, 3 can have it back and I’ll take my business elsewhere.

    Be very sure you want the hassle of dropped calls and extremely poor reception before you commit to this nice looking but ultimately useless piece of kit.

  27. I have been using so many types of mobilephones in diferent models but now ilove my nokia 5600 Slide its looks great and i enjoy it and its very friendly use I LOVE NOKIA.

  28. D@ZZ@ says:

    Have had this 6500 Slide for a while now,glad its stainless, think thats saved it from breakin couple times-& it sounds like some of ya just got shitty handsets coz the phone is good value! i’ve Never had a Problem

  29. rob says:

    good little phone had a problem with it yesterday i fixed that problem dark bluw screen lights on frnt light up stayed on just updated the phone software n it was workin agine ( PPL UPDATE U FEIRMWARE IT MIGHT BE OUT OF DATE SEARCH NOKIA 6500S SOFTWARE UPDATE) its a program like the pc suite. if ur phone crashes ect do this it will work trust me

  30. Anıl in TURKEY says:

    Hi! Nokia 6500 very beatiful. my friends have 6500.my friends have 6500 or happy.6500 perfect a telephone.sound systems perfect.You are buy!!!
    Selam bizim bir arkadaşta 6500 vardı.çok güzel ses sistemleri çok güzel.çocuk suan çok mutlu.bende alıcam aynı telefondan bnce sizde alın

  31. jan says:

    Hi, I removed my sim and can’t for the life of me get it back in. Am following the diagram behind where battery should be and it shows cut to top right on sim, which means sim has the gold chip facing upwards – but it won’t go in further than halfway. In the manual it states gold chip down but that means the cut it then top left which is opposite to diagram. I’ve tried pushing the little silver click thing that you use to eject the chip but this seems to be stuck half way. Please help if you can! Thanks.

  32. Az says:

    Hi can someone tell me how to to insert a memory card into the Nokia 6500 slide i know to to put the memory in but i cant close the sliver thing on top of the memory slot

    Many Thanks if u can help me

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