The Hyped Up iPhone will Hit U.S Stores 29th June 2007

The every so much hyped up Apple iPhone will be released to stores in the U.S on the 29th June 2007 Apple has announced. The release date that is set will be distributed in the U.S by AT&T. The exact date was not known for quite a while until Sunday just gone is was revealed in some TV commercials.

There was speculation that the Apple iPhone would not be released to October and this resulted in Apple’s stock plummeting by nearly $4bn. So now you know that in America they will have this phone on the 29th June 2007 but when will Europe see it? Well we here in Europe will see the Apple iPhone by the end of 2007 and the company has yet to decide which carrier to choose as of which the price has to be finalized.

Source – Vnunet


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