iPhone Keyboard Apparently Crap: Many will send Apple Phone Back

It has been reported that the iPhone keyboard is crap and many will send the phone back for this reason, not only is the major hyped up iPhone lacking 3G and you have to sign up to a ridiculous 2 year contract now we have the problem with the keyboard (oops).

John Dvorak has written an article on Market Watch saying a source of the iPhone keyboard is not good at all and that 20 percent of buyers of the mobile device will send it back. The thing is we here at Phones Review cannot judge on this matter until we get our hands on it ourselves, then and only when we have it we can give you our honest opinion. If this report of the keyboard not being the bees knees then we have to say “Will this phone be a success or a total loss?

Apple if you are reading this, send us an iPhone and we will review it to the hill. We will be as honest as possible for our readers. One — Should they send us the phone so we can review it closely for you? Two – Will this phone be a success or a total loss?

Source — Engadget Mobile

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