Top 6 Channel 4 TV Shows on your Mobile Phone

Get all the latest info from the top 6 TV shows from C4 straight to your mobile phone, below are the top 6 to download to your phone. The 6 shows include Big brother, Hollyoaks, Popworld, Desperate Housewives, Skins and Channel 4 News. We have given you a quick description plus how to text next to each show. Be sure to read the How to at the bottom under ‘Read’.

Big Brother:

Big Brother
Get all the latest Big Brother breaking stories as they happen plus the get the latest video clips from the big brother house – Text MOBILE to 83188

You can now get Hollyoaks before it is on the TV, this is called Hollyoaks Preview. You can also look behind the scenes with Hollyoaks Backstage and what about downloading hunks and babes from the cool TV Show – Text MOBILE to 83188

Get all the latest interviews and live performances on your mobile phone from the awesome Popworld, make your phone dance – Text MOBILE to 83188

Desperate Housewives:
Desperate Housewives
Desperate Housewives seems to be a top favourite, so why not get the catch ups and sneak peeks of the sexy ladies from the series – Text MOBILE to 83188


You can watch unseen episodes of Skins on your mobile phone thanks to channel 4 – Text MOBILE to 83188

Channel 4 News:
Channel 4 News
Get the top exclusive Channel 4 mobile video stories from Krishnan Guru-Murthy, Jon Snow and the news team, this is updated throughout the day, C4 news at its best – Text MOBILE to 83188

Read –
1. Text MOBILE to 83188 (Available on all networks)

You will then receive a text message containing a link to the C4 Mobile site, which will sit within your text, WAP push or service Inbox.

2. Go into the message and select the link.

3. The C4 Mobile Site will load in your WAP browser.

4. To navigate directly to the page, type http://mobile.channel4.com into your phone’s WAP browser.

Vodafone and O2 customers can also find Channel 4 within the Vodafone live! and O2 Active services.

Official C4 Website

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