Britain has got Talent: Paul Potts from Carphone Salesman to Winner

See where mobile phones get you; Paul Potts went from being a Carphone Warehouse salesman to winner of Britain’s got Talent last night. Many people are speculating that this was all a fix because Paul Potts has had opera singing training but we will let you judge on this as we are not bias.

Paul Potts is 36 from Port Talbot, Potts started singing at the age of 28 for a karaoke competition of which is dressed up as Pavarotti; he was also on Barrymore’s ‘My Kind Of Music’ in 1999 and won £8000, he spent some of this money on opera training courses. He has spent a total of around £20,000 to get where he is today. He has performed in 4 semi professional operas in the UK and some concerts and much more.

Paul Potts has been married to his wife Julie 26 for 4 years now; he met her on an internet chat room and has been together for a total of 6 years. Paul has worked at Carphone Warehouse for 2 years; we here know that he will not be going back to the Carphone Warehouse.

Paul Potts has won ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ where he will have a slot on the Royal Variety Performance show plus he has won £100,000. Watch the amazing video clip below.

Do you think it was all a fix that he won Britain’s Got Talent?


2 thoughts on “Britain has got Talent: Paul Potts from Carphone Salesman to Winner”

  1. Well done carephone warehouse for shouting about him on your web site… Its great for him and good for you…what an amazing talent from such an unasuming guy…. The UK has been moved and thank god the uk has voted this time for real quality talent…Best wishes to him as well deserved.. real guts ! Fantastic

  2. I hope he goes back to say bye and earn a few bucks endorsing the product and service…
    That said … Talk Talk business let me down bigtime… lets hope you have Potts of determination to get it better

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