S500i Comment: Virginia Says that Sony Ericsson are UNBELIEVABLE

So far we have 142 comments on the Update News on the Sony Ericsson S500i thanks to our readers; the comment that sticks out the most is from Phones Review reader Virginia so a very big thank you to her. The s500i seems to be a very popular mobile phone and of which many want to know the exact date of release. Yes eBay are selling this mobile phone of which we have done a post here.

Virginia contacted the Sony Ericsson Online Support and here is the comment she posted on Phones Review, it goes as follow —

Virginia Say’s –
That’s funny! I don’t know how a company can run business like that, treating their customers so disrespectfully, and still manage to keep in business. I am already considering not buying the phone anymore on that account. If I ever treated customers like that in every job I can remember holding, I could kiss my pay check goodbye. How can they email customers saying that the phone is available, when it is not?
I’m posting below the UNBELIEVABLE email that Sony Ericsson has sent me in response to my email requesting that they’d state exactly the locations where I could find the phone:

Dear Virginia,
Thank you for contacting Sony Ericsson Online Support.

With regards to your Email about the phone model S500i, it seems that is has been released in limited areas globally. We do not have a list of specific vendors that sell this phone. Please contact your service provider for more information when they will be releasing the phone with their network.

As part of Sony Ericsson’s commitment to excellent customer service, we offer a wide variety of mobile products to suit your lifestyle. If you require more information, or have any other questions, please visit our website at Here or call us at 1-866-766-9374.

Best regards

AL – questions.us@support.sonyericsson.com

We wish to say once again, thanks for the comment Virginia.


11 thoughts on “S500i Comment: Virginia Says that Sony Ericsson are UNBELIEVABLE”

  1. Ryan says:

    So, I’m not understanding your argument, Virginia?
    The phone is indeed available. You can purchase it, so the e-mail you recieved was not false. Did the e-mail specifically say that it was available at their online store or did it just say it was available? I never signed up, so I have not seen the e-mail.

    Perhaps the posting on this website was taken out of context, but how were they unfriendly? You asked a general question, and they gave you a general response.

    I work for a mass retailer like Sony Ericsson. We have customers that ask about “exact” locations of where they can get the product. We tell them the same exact thing…”we don’t know”, because we don’t! It is not the responsibility of customer service agent to know the exact stores that sell our products. Sure, we could give a general store as an example, but not all chains carry the same products.

    Sony Ericsson is a great company. I have had several dealings with them. They have always been very polite and professional. Can’t please everyone I guess.

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