Davide Perini gives you insight to FPC Bench Project for cell phones/PDA

I\’m Davide Perini, actually I\’m the inventor and lead developer of FPC Bench project a java benchmark for cell phones/PDA. This days phones/PDA are much more than something to make a call or shoot a photo. How fast is your handheld and what special features does it have?
FPC Bench can tell you.

FPC Bench is a java benchmark to test and compare the performance of a phone with others phones. Differently from other benchmarks, FPC Bench results are not influenced from the screen resolution; this is a good way to get more reliable results.

FPC Bench is a complete test tool to test performance and features.

– CPU/Memory benchmark
– Check for total heap memory size
– Check for free heap memory size
– Check for full screen\’s maximum resolution in a Java canvas
– Check for double buffering
– Check for RMS size
– Check for RMS speed
– Check for available profile/configuration
– Check for the latest APIs:
JSR 75: File System access API.
JSR 82: Bluetooth/OBEX API.
JSR 118: Mobile Information Device Profile API.
JSR 120: Wireless Messaging API (WMA 1.1).
JSR 135: Multimedia API (MMAPI)
JSR 139: Connected Limited Device Configuration 1.1
JSR 172: Wev service specification.
JSR 177: Security and Truste Services API.
JSR 179: Location API.
JSR 184: Mobile 3D Graphics.
JSR 185: Java Tech for Wireless Industry API.
JSR 205: Wireless Messaging API (WMA 2.0).
JSR 209: Advanced graphics and user interface.
JSR 211: Content Handler API.
JSR 226: Scalable 2D vector graphics for JavaME.
JSR 229: Payment API.
JSR 234: Advanced Multimedia API.
JSR 238: Mobile internationalization API.
JSR 239: Java binding for OpenGL ES.
JSR 257: Contactless communication API.

This software is a must have for all enthusiast user and all developer that want to know better his handheld.
FPC Bench is for FREE with over than 200.000 users in all over the world.

We have a complete database to compare results and discover features about many phones/PDA.
Here an example on what kind of info FPC Bench give on a Nokia N95:

Here our site

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