Where can I get information on the Nokia N95?

The answer to the question above is so simple, HERE. We want to start a dedicated section for top phones and this section is for the ultimate Nokia N95, if you know anything about the N95 for example, where are the best places to buy them, how much did you pay for it, are you happy or sad about your Nokia N95, where to get downloads, do you know how to get hacks for them, you name it we want to know. If you send us as much information possible and we mean anything goes this will help all other readers who know nothing about this phone a lot. Anything and we mean anything you know about the Nokia N95 please do share with us below.

So please let us get this section rolling, what you waiting for send in all your info now.


One thought on “Where can I get information on the Nokia N95?”

  1. ds_man says:

    I just got me a new N95 and may I see its indeed a great phone and i love it..and this is coming from a Sony Ericsson lover .
    So far I’ve managed to connect to skype using a third party application called FRING (www.fring.com) and works great so I dont need to use cell phone much now.
    The WLAN connection works like a charm as well.
    Overall is just like having a little computer with me all day long.
    Im looking for some neat applications and 3d games so if someone know…please

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