Samsung G800 high end 5 megapixel camera phone leaked

We all love high end phones and this is just one of them, yes the Samsung G800 high end 5 megapixel camera phone which has just recently been leaked. This is obviously unofficial of course but this slider phone is something to consider. Maybe we will see this mobile phone maybe we will not but our guess is you will or otherwise there would not be an inkling of a leak would there.

Samsung G800 back

The Samsung G800 has a 5 megapixel camera with auto focus and 3x optical zoom, and we gather this is the successor to the beloved Samsung G600 which we announced on the July 22nd. The G800 seems to be a very stylish handset and of which has a stunning integrated camera built in with xenon flash, the camera has a protection lid and looks to have better grip.

Samsung G800

Other features on the Samsung G800 high end 5 megapixel camera phone are HSDPA or 3G connectivity, USB support, Bluetooth and stereo speakers. We are not completely sure if it has 3G support, there is no word on pricing or availability but we will keep you posted on this one. We think you will see this some time in 2008 thou.


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