Groundbreaking New SafeCell In flight Cellphone patent application

Announced recently from ASI Entertainment Inc is the new SafeCell In-flight Cellphone which they have filed for patent, under the Patent Cooperation Treaty in 137 countries. The step towards the new SafeCell concept which allows cell phones to be used on an airplane in flight without it interfering with any of the instruments (aircraft’s avionics and the ground networks).

This means that you can use your mobile phone inside an aircraft which will be great for many handset users, the way it works in simple terms is that the new SafeCell will transform your mobile cell phone into a Wi-Fi communicator. At first the product was in fact designed for you to use on a plane to access low cost voice and data services through Wi-Fi in a cell phone. Read more about this new SafeCell In flight Cellphone and patent (Link).

A SafeCell system is available but at a price of $10,000 per aircraft and SMS will cost 25 cents, it also supports the great and much liked VoiP and will cost lower than $1 per minute.

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