My respect and views of the Panasonic Lumix event in Tower of London

A business friend called Daniel from product-reviews.net and myself attended the Panasonic Lumix event in Tower of London on the 18th September of which I was representing Product Reviews, I write and publish on Product Reviews daily and this is why Daniel asked me to be his colleague of which I was happy to oblige. To tell you the truth I knew this had nothing to do with phones or anything in fact to do with Phones Review but because I work on Product Reviews thought it would be good for me and plus it is a learning curve with new ideas and technology.

We were allowed into the event at 14:15 of which there was tea, coffee and biscuits which was a nice touch and on the other side of the room was an array of digital cameras, the Panasonic line up was fantastic. For me the camera which was special was the Panasonic L10 of which we are sure Product Reviews will be covering, other cameras that are available are Panasonic FZ50, FZ18, TZ2, TZ3, LX2, FX100, FX55 (the one we played around with on the day), FX33 & many more. More information on Panasomic Lumix cameras HERE

The major part of the event that interested me was OurPlace and MyPlace of which really can take the heart and open it up, they both have strong feelings on heritage and culture. OurPlace is where giants Panasonic worked with UNESCO and 14 professional photographers in where they have photographed 850 UNESCO World Heritage Sites with Panasonic’s range of cameras. The pictures have feelings and the cultures around them which is a passionate thing, ok the photos on OurPlace are watermarked but you can still get the feeling of what they are all about.

Now lets move onto MyPlace which in fact is what I love the most because it has so much to offer, it of course has a similar theme to Our Place but this is different in where you can upload your picture of somewhere you love that means a lot to you and of which you can add your own information of why this is special to you. It seems to be for the UK only which I think is very strong indeed and of which will branch out further, I would very much like to do something with MyPlace because it is not only digital cameras we take pictures but in fact many consumers are now using their mobile phones to take photos, mobile phones are becoming so superior nowadays that you can achieve top quality pictures as a end result, My-Place I like Flickr & Fotonomy but on a personal level I really do like MyPlace because it is another way of expressing the photo and yourself.

MyPlace have competitions and feature photo of the week where the winner of that photo will win a £75 voucher and the photo of the year is big because you could win a tour of China. This site has so much potential and I really do hope they grow many registered users. The spokesperson on the day for this site was Gaele Lalahy who was very warm and welcoming on the day, she made the time to come over to Daniel and myself to chat about blogging and general chit chat. Thank you Gaele (e-commerce Manager)

I would like to say a big thanks to Tanya Frost (Senior PR Officer) who made an effort to come and speak to us. I will be emailing both of these ladies today to say a big thank you.

Please do go and visit OurPlace and MyPlace as they are both well worth the visit.

Below are a couple of photos of the day — Oh and PLEASE do post all your comments of the above in the area below provided.

Panasonic Lumix event in Tower of London pic 1

Panasonic Lumix event in Tower of London pic 2

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