Apple iPhone would have loved the Intel Moorestown platform Chip

Ok so Intel have said that this is the chip that the Apple iPhone would have wanted but it is too late now or is it. Anyway there is some future technology that is interesting from the ongoing Intel Developer Forum who are the chip giants and the latest news is that there was a brand new processor revealed.

The brand new “Moorestown” processor chip has been revealed but we know for a fact that it will not hit the shelves till at least 2009 to 2010 and will be so good Intel have said that it is the chip of all chips that the Apple iPhone would have liked (oh well).

The Moorestown is a 45nm processor which also is integrating a memory controller, video encode and decode engine and graphics which is all on a single chip and will allow such concept devices like the device shown of which will become reality. The super slim UMPC with cool phone capabilities, the touch screen device apparently a deliberate homage to Apple could run for at least 24 hours between charges.

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