Nokia 2135 CDMA phone in either black or silver announced for North America

The all new Nokia 2135 is a CDMA mobile phone which will be available in either black or silver for North America, the Nokia 2135 handset is expected to hit the North American market sometime during the fall of 2007.

Ok looking at this phone is nothing to write home about but it is an affordable phone it is said, Ok so what do we know about the newly announced Nokia 2135 CDMA phone? Well going by the press release (link below) it has many features that includes integrated speakerphone, 11 days of standby, 3.5 hours of talk time, 400 entry phonebook and voice recorder (we will give you the full specs when we receive them).

Will this phone come out for a GSM release is another question we will have to answer at a later date, the main question here thou has to be — “Will the Nokia 2135 CDMA phone be with Sprint or Verizon or someone completely different?

No word on pricing as of yet, please come back for an update. More pictures below –

Nokia 2135 CDMA phone pic 1

Nokia 2135 CDMA phone pic 2

Nokia 2135 CDMA phone pic 3


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