BT Decor 1200 Corded phone.

Here is the Decor 1200 corded phone by BT in a classy white colour with blue trim; it has a two line LCD display screen with 50 name and numbers memory. The Decor 1200 comes equipped with hearing aid compatibility and hands-free/speakerphone.

The Decor 1200 can be bought from Argos at the highly reasonable price of £17.94, and can be delivered in 2 working days subject to stock availability.

BT Decor 1200

·         Pre-dialling facility.

·         Recall.

·         BT 1571 network message detection.

·         Touch tone dialling.

·         PBX compatible (pulse/tone/TBR only).

·         Wall mountable.

·         Battery low warning.

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