Does the Apple iPhone price worry you? The cost prices may be steep for some

Now what with the Apple iPhone coming this Friday in the UK many of us worry about the iPhone price which is some respect is a little to steep. The cost price may be steep for some but for many is ok. Ok so let’s look at the Apple iphone prices and sit back and see if it is good or bad.

There will be 3 iPhone prices to choose from but only one way you can get this new phone and that is on a contract, prices start from £35 and go up to £55. There will be 3 main options on contract for £35, £45, or £55 a month and you will have to pay £269 for the iPhone 8GB as well. To give everyone a chance, there’ll be a limit of two Apple iPhones per customer in-store and online. They will not accept cash, ONLY Credit or debit cards will be accepted.

So not only are you paying for the phone at a cost of £269 you will also be paying for your contract deal each month, for me on a personal note find this very good indeed but to others they may feel it is a little to expensive which is a bummer really.

Does the Apple iPhone price worry you?


3 thoughts on “Does the Apple iPhone price worry you? The cost prices may be steep for some”

  1. peter says:

    I think that the price for the iPhone is very steep, as the handset will cost about £260ish plus an 18 month contract starting at £35 upwards per month. I think that the upcoming HTC Touch is a better option.

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