O2 Xda Orbit 2 aka HTC Polaris and HTC Touch Cruise announced.

Here we have the O2 Xda Orbit 2 which enters officialdom adding its name to the confused world of HTC devices. This slick looking O2 Xda Orbit 2 has TouchFLOW replacement for the 2006 Xda. The O2 Xda Orbit 2 features128MB/256MB RAM, and ROM. GPS, 3 megapixel camera, a 400MHz Qualcomm CPU, HSDPA, quad-band GSM, WiFi and Bluetooth. Availability should be around early December with a rough price tag of $140 on contract.

O2 Xda Orbit 2

Source – O2 Germany Press Release

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4 thoughts on “O2 Xda Orbit 2 aka HTC Polaris and HTC Touch Cruise announced.”

  1. dysoong says:

    I’ve had my orbit 2 for nearly a week now and I’m very disappointed. In general, the graphics are MUCH slower than my XDA mini S, which is over two years old. This is due to a well-known issue with drivers for the MSM7200 chipset and ATI imageon support. HTC (the manufacturer) refuses to release a working driver.
    Additionally, video streaming is a non-starter, but this is O2’s problem, not HTC. Live video streaming via the internet (eg youtube etc) using the built-in apps ONLY works using a WiFi connection and WILL NOT WORK via 3G or GPRS on this phone (at least in the U.K.). There are work-arounds, but only for specific websites and you have to install extra and buggy beta-stage software. The built-in software if fully capable, but won’t work with the O2 network.

  2. SimonT says:

    I’ve had mine since the 5th Feb and also owned aMini S on contract over a year ago. I’m quite sure that the graphics and screen changes are faster overall on the Orbit 2 – but not by much when you consider the mem and processor difference.

    I wouldn’t say I’m disappointed but I’m not as blown away as I’d hoped. Hopefully HTC will release the necessary video drivers soon and they’ll be included in an O2 update.

  3. pan says:

    I never owned a smart phone before and I am shocked I can have 10 applications running on my mobile. Some other people may not be so impressed. Today I had a 12MB pdf document open and the speed was amazing. I wasn’t aware of the youtube software issue, if it’s software am sure will be resolved. Everything else is great and the build quality is very good. Great job for microsoft & htc. http browser is very good, how can it better on a small screen? I can access my hotmail and msn messenger! This phone rocks (for me)

  4. I’ve had one xda global 2 from o2, at the moment is working not bad.

    The weekness point:
    the battery, is a crap, need to be recharged 1 time per day (more if you ise de GPS)
    The way to write the massege, is impossible to write a sms fast! damn!
    NO COMPATIBLE WITH MAC (forget any magic driver is not compatible).
    the GPS in not a great GPS (but is nice).

    The strengths: real complete phone, excelent sound, excelent screen.

    Im thinking about to charge to LG KF700, can you gime some help about it?…
    thk, L.

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