Rumour is that Google may acquire Sprint Nextel for Mobile WiMax to grow its mobile business

We love rumours so we will take this with a pinch of salt, it is said that there is speculation that there is going to be Google and Sprint combination somewhere down the line. Rich Tehrani is reporting that Google are considering an acquisition of Sprint Nextel in order to grow their mobile business and yes of course Google have touted the importance it places on mobile ad revenues.

Their recent preparation for the 700MHz auction and the figurehead role Google now plays an important part in the Open Handset Alliance’s Android platform. So where do Sprint come into it? Well they are already on good terms with Google as a member of the OHA and that WiMAX mobile services deal which Clearwire just bailed on and that the fact is the access too that somewhat WiMAX network which has people in a dizzy.

Personally I would love too see some major deal combining Apple and Google which we all know would be a fantastic partnership, bring it on.

Source – TMCnet

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