Sony Ericsson W910i recalled: Orange customers are unhappy

Softpedia has claimed France Telecom owend mobile operator is recalling the first shipment of Sony Ericsson W910i’s. This is due to Orange customers having problems with the Sony Ericsson W910i phone; the mobiles apparently have some serious problems with basic functionality, resulting in them turning off after just ten seconds and thus not answering any calls.

Irate and unsatisfied customers are returning their W910i’s to Orange extremely quickly, to which the carrier is supplying a new mobile phone to replace the faulty one. However many of them returned again a few days later stating that the replacement also had the same faults!

With many people eagerly awaiting the W910i Walkman, it would be a great shame if Sony Ericsson doesn’t get it sorted as soon as possible so that once it again becomes available it runs as smoothly as possible. We will keep you updates as we can.

Sony Ericsson W910

Source — Softpedia

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39 thoughts on “Sony Ericsson W910i recalled: Orange customers are unhappy”

  1. sharmaine says:

    I don’t think W910i will come out in pink, so far the only ones i’ve seen are black red & bronze. The bronze one is WOW but few suppliers have it (Singtel i heard is the one that have the bronze ones) I just got this phone, not too bad but when i don’t operate it for a while (eg when i sleep at night & use the phone the next day) the screen either takes forever to load or i have to on it again-.-

    But overall the phone’s pretty, nice, awesome:)

  2. karen ford says:

    I still have problems with my replacement W910i where is keeps switching itself off and then on again. I phoned my contractor Orange and they replaced the first one saying it was a software problem, but this one they keep sending the technical department the details and they keep sending answers back, but nothing seems to be helping. It also takes several days between phone calls so this is dragging along very slowly. I am overall pleased with the phone, but this is really irritating when I’m in a call or listening to music.

  3. I must say, my daughter had a pink w910i which has been stolen. Which I purchased from Littlewoods catalogue. My daughter is heart broken, have been trying to replace ever since (2 weeks) not found one in sight and no one seems to have heard of one. If anyone out there does find one PLEASE! let us know. There has been no problems with the one my daughter had nor with the w910i my son has.

  4. Withheld says:

    i was guna say i aint seen a pink w910i. where did yu see it too? there is a fone which is in pink which is the one below ours i fink.
    lemmie no plzz:D

  5. Kirsty Dane says:

    ¬_¬ I downloaded the update that is meant to fix it but it still turns its stupid self off and it’s getting really annoying, any other ideas?

    I think you can just buy an ordinary one and change the case to make it pink, simple enough (in theory lol)

  6. Lizzie Mc says:

    I cannot get my mac to recog w910i at all.
    Even after installing promising isync plugins???

    How can I upload my photos ?
    will I be able to do it with a bluetooth usb dongle ?

  7. Lizzie Mc says:

    I have faithfully stuck with SE fro 4 models but the w910i IS TRASH !
    I have already had my model replaced once since july as the screen went blank. Before that it got stuck with a box telling me to insert my sim card and watch the demo !

    Unfortunately it was the only model orange was offering

    The address book is what is REALLY pissing me off
    It copies two numbers (from the sim) as two separate contacts

    Despite being on sort by first name it reduces first name to a letter and only writes the surname in full

    If I have written “a and b” it lists the contact under A for And !!!

    It doesnt back up groups to memory card so I have had to rebuild groups

    and as a sim only takes 200 names I am having to add teh other 264 by hand !

    I can upload the address book details onto my MAC address book but it wont go the other way !

    for sony ericsson – I’d raher have a useful piece of equipment than one which has “wobble” power !


  8. Emily says:

    I’ve also seen the really awesome looking black and pink W910i (The Ice Pink). It’s got a floral pattern on it and it looks way cooler than the normal ones.

    My friend got a W910i and she thinks the shake feature is stupid. It doesn’t work really well and she needs to like throw it across the room for it to work so its pointless.

    I think the only problem with the W910i is that the camera is pretty crap and it could be better.

  9. Hayley says:

    The Pink W910i Is Only Avaliable From Orange As It Is Special Edition. I Want It In Pink But I Really Dont Wana Be On Orange And Have A Crappy Logo ‘Orange’ At The Bottom Of My Fone So Im Getting It In Black

  10. Lizzie Jayne says:

    I realy realy realy want this phone for christmas but mt mum wont get it because its had so many bad reveiws :@ it looks realy nice. have you found anything that solves any of the problems yet ??

  11. Hayley says:

    Probably Rubbish On ORANGE LOLMy Friends Sister Has Got This Fone And Hers Is FineDont Listen To Anybody Not Everybodys Fone Is Lyk It Your Just Unfortunete LolIm Gettin It For Xmas Cus Its Kool

  12. Kirsty says:

    It isn’t bad until it turns itself off, and when it does it’s just annoying. I’ve lived with it but have to change phones as I’m allergic to the materials! :S If you can find a way to fix the software fault (update doesn’t help) then it would be an awesome phone

  13. RORO EL gendy says:

    i have w910i pink but there is a problem with the network of egypt couse i get the phone from france orange network any one have a selution for this problem plz answer meeeeeeeeee 🙁

  14. Hayley says:

    errr no i went to the o2 shop and sed abou its bad reviews they said the key pad cracks and freezes and shuts down becus of the shake feature so im not getting it ..but its a really ncie phone rather have a better camera on it maybe 3.2mp there is a new 1 coming out exactly like this in the new year i am gettin that

  15. jenna says:

    I really want this phone 4 xmas bt nt sure whether to get it or nt, specially kuz of the bad reviews about it, i dn’t wna b on ‘orange’, but i like the colour, and if the phone is going to have all these problems i dnt k ow whether to get it or nt. Do any of u think that I shud chek it out in phone store or sumfin?

  16. Bronti says:

    Hello im getting the w910i pink on monday i was wondering if i get it unblocked would it be able to hold my virgin sim card ? get back to me please 🙂

  17. Allan says:

    I got my Sony Ericsson W910i in February 2008. It had problems from the start. It randomly switched itself off. Conversations got cut off midway through a call, even though it had a full signal. There were lots of missed call alerts when the phone had not rung (while there was a full signal). It frequently locked itself and would only unlock after repeatedly opening and closing the slider, when I would also get strange messages.

    (I had a Sony Ericsson K600 before this one and it worked fine until the joystick broke).

    I have a small business and have had customers complaining that they have been unable to contact me, or getting annoyed when their conversation gets cut off halfway through a call. I rarely use the internet on this phone so can’t comment on those issues.

    I have tried updating the 910i through the Sony Ericsson website but get error messages.

    I am with Orange and I put up with the problem until about April or May (longer than I should have) when I phoned Orange. They insisted that I take out insurance, before they would replace the phone the first time. This is costing me £6.00 a month.

    They replaced the phone with a 910i, which worked on the Friday I got it. The next day, when I went to switch it back on the screen wouldn’t show. They replaced the phone again (after all, it’s insured!!) which I received the following Monday. This new one constantly looses its signal or cuts out midway through calls. It also randomly switches itself off. I kept putting up with the problems and then borrowed a Nokia handset and put my SIM card in it. This worked fine, no problems, so I don’t think the problem is with the signal or the SIM card, but the problem is with the 910i handset itself.

    I phoned Orange again 15th December and advised them that this handset also has problems.- I’ve only used it for 53 hours in all to date. I asked for a different model phone as it seems that this model has problems. They said they would get back to me as they had to get advice from another department. As I was now on holiday, I have hardly used the phone since speaking to them on 15th.

    I phoned them again on the following Wednesday and they said that they had sent the problem to Technicals ‘in box’ and I would get a reply soon. They rang me back on 26th December and left a message. They phoned me again today and said that their Technical section say that it’s a hardware problem and they will not do anything about it. I am tied into an Orange contract until July 2009.

    So I have now searched on the internet to find out if anyone else has a problem with the Sony Ericsson 910i and found this forum and several other mentions of problems on other websites.

    As Orange say that the problem is hardware and they will do nothing about it, I have emailed Sony Ericsson (tonight) through their website link. I will give them a couple of days to respond, if they don’t respond I will call them – they list a UK phone number with a local call rate, which is useful. I am also going to contact Trading Standards for advice with this. I’ll let you know if Sony sort the problem and will advise them that others are experiencing problems, as seen on several websites tonight.

  18. nicola says:

    im getting the w910i pink on thurs from orange, was wondering if anyone was having problems with the pink model (as not many people see to get hold of it…?)

    urm if you could get back to me…


  19. Karla says:

    Hey, I got lazy and stopped reading the comments so if this has already been answered sorry.
    There’s a version of the w910i and its black and pink. Its mostly black and trimmed with a hot pink with pink buttons and it’s a really nice looking phone. I’ve got the red one and despite its numerous faults I plan to get the black and pink one as my upgrade in a few months cause I adore the phone. I just hope the kinks have been worked out of the black and pink one! It’s on Oranges contract phones btw x

  20. hello, i got this phone for chistmas,its in limted edtion pink,gold and white…i was pleased to have got this as i wantd it from yr before..and eversince i had it its been automaticly switching off and vibrating..i explained the situation to parents but all they seem to say is that you havnt charged it 4 18hrs which you need..

  21. kiara says:

    i gt this fone 4 xmas it is a wile pain every 5mins it seems to freeze den it vibrates and switches itself off its soo anoyin!!!!

  22. sarah says:

    I have just contacted orange as I have the w910i pink, which keeps freezing and switching itself off. They are sending me a new one in the morning as a replacement but if i’m still not satisfied i will be asking for a different phone.

  23. matt says:

    this is the worst phone I have ever had in the 20 years I’ve had a mobile. It’s total rubbish. Turns itself off, goes straight to answerphone, terrible browsing, battery runs out super fast when 3g and using internet. It’s a piece of junk.
    I’ve got insurance through Orange, who refuse to give me a different phone despite having sent me 6 of these bloody w910i’s which ALL switch themselves off. Infact the latest one they sent me is even worse!

    Word of advice, get an iphone or a blackberry and leave Orange out of principle.

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